Meet the Challenge…!

“When we give our children education…we give them opportunity.”  By Martin O’Malley


Most of you know I enjoy quotes that uplift, cause thinking outside the box, and challenges one to action.

“The biggest challenge we all face is to learn about ourselves and to understand our strengths and weaknesses. We need to utilize our strengths, but not so much that we don’t work on our weaknesses.” By Mae Jemison

For years, I have been devoted to publishing a Post on a weekly schedule. I have been faithfully meeting this challenge for nine years. At this time, a weekly Post is a real challenge.

Today, I need to focus on my weakness. I am overly involved in numerous local community related activities. The specific weakness being responded to in the quote is being over committed. I am immersed in various projects causing the weekly Posting commitment to be very difficult.

So, I am working on my weakness of over-commitment as I adjust some of my time and resources to get some of my activities completed. In the meantime, Posts will be published more on an every other week schedule. Things should be back to “normal” soon.

Copey Learning Center News…!

Currently, there are five classes underway. Two classes are on-line and three are on-site. This includes a special on site adult class. Things in general are going well but there are some challenges being dealt with.

Student enrollment is down some and there are issues with the new facility being currently used being used by the Copey Learning Center.  

Almost from the beginning, the Copey Learning Center, has been using a facility not well suited as an educational environment.

The previous facility by design and purpose, was a community center. There were no other viable facility options available and the local authorities were generous in permitting the community center to be used most of the time as an education center.

Then, during Covid-19, the community center facility was shut down and was then renovated…upgraded.

Although now the facility has been upgraded with some improvements, by design it remains to be a community center facility. Small rooms, very few windows, very little natural light, and sound quality issues together cause physical challenges and barriers to working with students.

And, still there are no other options currently available for on site educational services…except for the public schools. While staff continues to work with students in this facility, we still dream of having our own “Copey Learning Center”!

Pathway Project…!

As reported earlier, Copey students are working towards obtaining government travel approval to come to the United States in June. We plan to support the students’ travel if the students are approved. This Pathway Project this year will have Copey students enrolled in the Health Science Camp

sponsored by Emory & Henry College.  In the previous years, the Copey students attended the Young Scholars camp held on the college’s campus.

Other News of Great Importance!

The Copey Learning Center is in great need of volunteer teachers. With “shut down requirements” lifted and many teachers returning to classroom work, there is now a shortage of available teachers. In fact, many schools are having problems rehiring or reassigning teachers since the long layoff during the pandemic. There are shortages all around. 

If you are or know of any teacher or potential teacher interested in a couple hours a week working with some really great students, get in touch with me for at least a short discussion.



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  1. I can so relate to the issue of overcommitment. Good luck addressing this challenge. I know people value and request your talents in many areas. I’m excited about students possibly attending Emory and Henry’s health sciences camp. I hope it works out.

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