Beside The Still Waters

“It is never too late to be what you might have been.”  By George Elliot

The Book Is Here!

The book with all the Posts published in 2021 has been received. Once again we extend our heartfelt thanks to Beverly Eads. Year after year Bev takes the electronic version of each Post and puts them in a single binder. This is edition number 8 representing the year 2021.

Bev is recognized for her unselfish donation of her personal time and resources. As of December 31, 2021, all 424 Posts since December 2013 are available on-line at and documented in hard copy form.

It is simply wonderful to have in hand and available electronically the documented history of our involvement with the Copey Learning Center.

“Friends of Copey” is grateful for Bev’s special and unique contribution to our service.

Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. Comments

I am always grateful to have so many “Friends” who continue to hold Dr. King in the highest regards. The concept of “content of character” is still alive. I am not alone in believing this as many “Friends” have responded. Below are a few of the comments received which are comforting and reassuring. I consider these “Friends” the “365 days” King supporters and not the Dr. King Holiday only supporters.

“This really resonated with me. Thank you!” Christine M.

“…content of character is truly a worthwhile guiding ideal!!! Thanks for your work and life” Rick J.

As far as today’s celebration, I think my diverse grandson said it best, his mother was explaining to him about Rosa Parks and he replied , “she was a colorful person” therefore, we are all colorful! Out of the mouth of babies……!”  Jane R.                   

“Thanks for addressing King. I also attended Dr. King’s funeral. Sam and I were on Auburn Avenue among the thousands who watched his body move down Auburn Avenue to the church.”  Rosemary B.

“Your very personal comments about what Dr. King has meant to you are so thoughtful and resonant in our seemingly fractured society. If we all lived by the Golden Rule and, Dr. King’s admonition to not just look, but see, each person’s character as the way for we humans to coexist, this world would be far better off!”  Eric J.

“I am moved by your post praising Martin Luther King. If only all of us could live by his principles, what a beautiful world it could be! I am trying, but keep learning how much I actually have to learn.”  David B.

“You’ll be happy to hear we had about 100 people in the Abingdon March in honor of Martin Luther King, as we were led on Main Street by Dennis Hill and his powerful singing voice. And we repeated the line from Dr. King that opens your blog post about how Only love can drive out hate. God bless you.” Edward D.

“We Shall Overcome…!”



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