Being Good as Anybody

“You are as good as anybody in this town, but you are not better.”  By Katherine Johnson

Executive Director Salary Support

EDSS Goal: $2,000.00    Actual: $2,000.00     Deadline: Achieved

Who wonders just how connected and supportive “Friends” are with the Copey Learning Center? Are we nearing the end of our usefulness as a supporter of the Copey Learning Center? I am frequently asked “How much longer do we think we can support this project?”

There are numerous ways to measure our usefulness. However, one significant measurement is fundraising success. Agan and again the answers to questions regarding our usefulness is evident in the way “Friends” respond to calls for support. thank you

We get things done!

This week we are screaming “VICTORY”. We reached our goal for the EDSS and this comes on the heels of the victory we declared only a few weeks ago when we achieved our goal for the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund. 

First, I want to thank all of you who pray for our success! I believe the level of financial EDSS.Track.3.2xsupport received since mid-January is a result of answered prayers. Then, I also give a shout out to those who share the level of optimism that believes all things are possible. And finally, we all cheer those who unselfishly dig into their personal funds and bring about reality resulting from our prayers and positive thinking.

The first time we raised funds for the Executive Director’s salary was in 2015. It was a new and huge challenge and we fell short raising funds strictly from donations. We did not give up but initiated a huge yard sale to raise the additional funds needed.  In 2016 and 2017, we fell short again with donations only and had to take additional measures to reach our goal.

Since 2018 we have not had to take additional measures to reach our goal. Our three years of successful donations confirm our sustained devotion and commitment to the Copey Learning Center.  All “Friends” can do another “Victory” dance. Thank You.

School Officially Opens Today

This day began by Skyping with Ines, the Copey Learning Center’s Director. Things areCLC New Location 1 going well as planned with three teacher volunteers on board ready to go. I met one volunteer, Anna from England, and will share more information about all three volunteers in the next few weeks. This is a very exciting day especially for those students who are only attending the Copey Learning Center because many of you provided the scholarship funds needed for their enrollment.

Aunt Katherine Johnson

Thank you “Friends” who took time to send me a note of sympathy and condolence. I will attend the funeral service scheduled for next Saturday in Hampton, Virginia. Some also planning to attend are “Friends of Copey” and I will enjoy spending and sharing this special time with other family members. And, I will be a representative of some wonderful people who share some of the very same values Aunt Katherine exemplified…”Friends of Copey”.

“Like what you do, and then you will do your best.”                                          By Katherine Johnson


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  1. Best wishes to everyone. The first days of school are always so exciting, and the rewards just keep coming throughout the school year. Happy learning to all.

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