“I think that in any group activity – whether it be business, sports, or family – there has to be leadership or it won’t be successful.”      By John Wooden

Executive Director Salary Support

EDSS Goal: $2,000.00    Actual: $1,000.00     Deadline: March 13, 2020

We experienced a very nice jump upward on the progress scale over the week. The total raised now stands at 50% of the goal up from 37.5%. Several past donors reportTracker EDSS 2.17 their intentions to make a contribution and we eagerly await to include their contributions in our tally.

And, for other past donors assuming their support is not needed, please help make certain we reach this goal. This is a very tough goal, far more challenging than the AGBSF goal, and requires more “friends” to support.

I make a special request to the “Friends” who have not previously donated. Please consider being a financial supporter this year. You will enjoy the additional satisfaction knowing you have made a more tangible difference in our success this year.

No amount of finanical support is too small when it is given with a cheerful heart. Please contact me if you have questions.  Let’s achieve “victory” by the deadline March 13.

For most of my adult life I have enjoyed and appreciated Coach John Wooden. His down to earth, basic, and simple approach to life has been very inspirational. “Friends” has been greatly influenced by Wooden’s wisdom.

“Well, your greatest joy definitely comes from doing something for another, especially when it was done with no thought of something in return.”  By  John Wooden


The methods available for donating have not changed since the first fundraising campaign in 2014. If you are planning to be a financial supporter this year, the two methods below have served us well and without any complications. Contact me with any questions.

  1. The Copey Learning Center’s PayPal can be used to make donations directly. Please access the PayPal system by clicking on….http://copeylearningcenter.org/. Find the PayPal logo in the upper right hand corner of their homepage. To make certain the Copey Learning Center recognizes your donation and how it should be applied, indicate in the comment section on PayPal that the donation supports the “AGBSF” or the “EDSS”.
  2. The alternate method is to send me your donation. Make the check out to me (Arthur Broady). Once received, your check is deposited in my account and then paid directly to the same Learning Center PayPal system as in Method #1. I will enter your name and designate where it is to be applied per your directions. The PayPal system will issue me a receipt which I send to you as “proof” the donation has been submitted to the Learning Center in your name. Make your check out to Arthur Broady and send to:
    725 N. Center Parkway, Apt. N-201, Kennewick, WA 99336 

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund (Victory)

AGBSF  Goal:  $1,500.00    Actual: $1,590.00     Deadline: February 14, 2020   

We officially declared victory last week when we accomplished our goal with $1,530.00.  Following our victory dance, additional funds arrived which sent the final total to $1,590.00. We see nothing wrong with doing another Victory dance. Thank You!



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