Life…And Death..A Succession of Lessons

“The quality, not the longevity, of one’s life is what is important.”                                 By Martin Luther King, Jr.

Kobe Bryant

First…our thoughts and prayers are sent to the Kobe Bryant family and to all the other families who experienced the loss of loved ones in Sunday’s tragic accident. As a basketball fan, I fully enjoyed watching Bryant for many years and have been equally impressed with his work and positive influence on kids since his retirement. Condolences to all the families.

The Campaign is on Track!

We are now in our second week of our two fundraising campaigns and we can report progress has been made in each one.

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund

AGBSF   Goal:  $1,500.00    Actual: $980.00     Deadline: February 14, 2020

We had upward movement from 52% of goal toAGBSF Chart 65% this past week. We can hopefully make up the balance of 35% very soon and declare Victory…again! As a matter of fact, we are ahead of past years at this time. “Friends” are very amazing folks. 

Executive Director Salary Support

EDSS Goal: $2,000.00  Actual: $600.00  Deadline: March 13, 2020

We also had upward movement helping the CopeyEDSS Support Learning Center pay a decent or reasonable salary to the Executive Director during the 2020 school year. Keep in mind, this is the “only paid” position at the Copey Learning Center.

Copey is a rural community and essentially an agriculture based community. It is a significant challenge to recruit and hire someone with the necessary credentials to work as a director at the Copey Learning Center or anywhere else in the community.

Since 2015, our salary support provided to the Copey Learning Center has helped obtain very wonderful, talented, and competent directors. Angela was the first hired director and then Ana Yancy followed. Both, although very underpaid, were great school administrators (directors).  In 2019, Andrea was hired as the third director and worked well until the lure of a better opportunity resulted in her early departure. Our current Director, Ines Sugura Serrana is now the fourth director as we just compleed our fifth year of salary support. We are very convinced that our support is critical to having competent and strong leadership keeping the doors of the Copey Learning Center open and properly functioning. Our help is greatly needed.

CLC Students.10If you have not financially supported either campaign in the pastbe a little different this time around.

In the Copey world, ten or twenty dollars means a great deal and adds up quickly to help provide scholarships to kids who really desire and benefit from having an English education.


The two methods have remained simple and unchanged over the years. You can send your donation straight to Copey or you can have me do it for you.  Thank You!

  1. The Copey Learning Center’s PayPal can be used to make donations directly. Please access the PayPal system by clicking on…. Find the PayPal logo in the upper right hand corner of their homepage. To make certain the Copey Learning Center recognizes your donation and how it should be applied, indicate in the comment section on PayPal that the donation supports the “AGBSF” or the “EDSS”.
  2. The alternate method is to send me your donation. Make the check out to me (Arthur Broady). Once received, your check is deposited in my account and then paid directly to the same Learning Center PayPal system as in Method #1. I will enter your name and designate where it is to be applied per your directions. The PayPal system will issue me a receipt which I send to you as “proof” the donation has been submitted to the Learning Center in your name. Make your check out to Arthur Broady and send to:
    725 N. Center Parkway, Apt. N-201, Kennewick, WA 99336 
  3. If there is a special request pertaining to 501c3 and IRS, please contact me.

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