Each Day…A Complete 24 Hours”

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out.”                    By Robert Collier

Okay, this is the very last time I will start my Post with a comment about the weather in my part of the country. Several days now, no snow and the temperature has been a little warmer…the 30’s . However, snow is forecast for tomorrow but we seem not to be freaking out over this prediction. So, I am going to move on and just appreciate this being a real lesson for me. “Nothing is ever really over…until it is over!”

Kids Here and Kids There!

Today is a new week at the Copey Learning Center as the first week of operation is over. I have beenStudent Letter from Lehi holding onto student letters from the Meadow Elementary School in Lehi, Utah waiting for the Copey Learning Center to reopen. The letters will be sent soon and will be joyfully received by the kids in Copey. We are happy this form of communication continues between students.

We are also planning the next Skype session with the Copey students and the Jefferson Elementary students (K-Kids) later in the month or early April. This is our effort to put more focus on kids interacting with kids this year.

The Pathway Project News

On March 18, the two Emory & Henry College students scheduled to travel to Copey for a volunteer assignment, will begin having meetings with the Copey Learning Center. The students will participate in several Skype sessions as part of their orientation and education designed to prepare them for their work at the Copey Learning Center. With the use of Skype, the students will establish a relationship with the staff and will be well-informed of the various facets of their involvement with the Copey Learning Center before leaving campus in early May. Just one more amazing aspect of this continuous journey.

History Remembered!

This time one year ago, one of the most phenomenal things happened. Four travelers boarded a plane in Salt Lake City, Utah headed to Costa Rica. Their mission was…“make a delivery to the Copey Learning Center”. The story was beyond my ability to process. Kids in the Meadow Elementary School  Utah Team and kidscollected 400 pounds of school supplies for kids in this small rural community…Copey. This truly fantastic story is mostly provided in the link https://friendsofcopey.com/2018/03/.

Tamarie, Debbi, Lisa, and Principal Carolyn are all remembered this month for having represented the generosity of kids at Meadow Elementary School, their families, and the spirit of our purpose as “Friends of Copey”.  You are truly remembered and honored for the love and leadership you showed the rest of us. Thank You!


3 thoughts on “Each Day…A Complete 24 Hours””

  1. Copey will always hold a special place in our hearts. ❤️ Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! We will always cherish the memories made and the wonderful friends we made while visiting Copey.

    1. Thank you for the very kind note. Okay to present it on my next Post? Also, returning back to Aunt Katherine…Hidden Figures, her husband Jim passed away yesterday. Aunt Katherine is in our thoughts and prayers. I will always remember Aunt Katherine being the topic that inspired our first conversation.

  2. Yes. Definitely ok to post. I’m sorry to hear of Jim’s passing. Your aunt Katherine will be in our prayers. She is definitely inspiring in many ways!

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