Look Upward…See Life!

“For one minute, walk outside, stand there, in silence. Look up at the sky and contemplate how amazing life is.”           —Anonymous

There is still winter weather in my home area. However, I am spending a few days on the coast where I am enjoying sunshine and 40 degree weather. Most of us cannot recall this kind of harsh winter this late in February.

Executive Director Salary Support

EDSS   Goal: $2,000.00     Actual: $2,000.00     Deadline: Achieved

Today I officially declare victory for our Executive Directory Salary Support campaign as we reached our goal of $2,000.00. AMAZING RESULTS! This achievement is much sooner than the April deadline.

Therefore, as of this date we have officially accomplished our two annual 2019 fundraising campaigns, The Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund and the Executive Director Salary Support Fund, we initiate each January. The Copey Learning Center is appreciative and continues to see our support as essential to its ability to offer the Copey community a life changing education..

Our financial support will help pay the enrollment tuition for several students and will assist in keeping competent leadership managing the center.

For me, I am very proud of you as a “Friend”New Banner.1 involved in this project. As a “Friend” helping as a donor or just helping in other ways, you are reminded of the unique and effective work your support provides.

Sometimes, I cannot keep up with the various ways we join together to get work done. Even our motto gets lost in the hustle and bustle of our efforts. I have not given sufficient attention to some of the events going on now.

I am so happy and pleased to have my book containing all my 2018 Posts. There are more than 50 pen pal letters prepared by students in Utah heading to Copey.  The students from Emory & Henry College heading to Copey in May have been identified. The students from Copey heading to E&H College in June have been selected. More on all of these items will be expanded as we move forward.

Today…is simply a day of thanks and sincere appreciation.

















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