One Life Breathing Easier…!

“To appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch, or a redeemed social condition; to know that one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded”. By Ralph Waldo Emerson

“Friends of Copey” is starting off the new year with both hope and promise. I appreciate the comments received recently pertaining to the scorecards and results of our efforts in 2018. We all have so much to be proud of.

But, we will not rest on our laurels. This is not part of our make-up. In fact, resting at all…is something we are not often accused of. What we have been doing to support the Copey Learning Center has worked as documented in our scorecards and therefore we plan to continue our support to the extent of our ability and resources.

Although retirement is wonderful and the Costa Rican beaches are very enticing to visit, I am going to put on my work clothes, work boots, and work gloves and invite you to help me make 2019 the best year yet.

First Things First…!

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund (AGBSF) continues to be a very significant benefit to many of the local Copey students and families unable to financially support the small tuition cost for enrollment. Since 2014, we have raised $1,500.00 or more annually to support about 15 students. We are setting this same funding goal for 2019. The official start date will be on January 14 and needs to be completed by February 4. The Copey Learning Center requires some time to identify eligible students requiring financial assistance prior to start up in early February.

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The Annual Executive Director’s Salary Support (EDSS) fundraiser will also start next week and will run parallel with the AGB Scholarship effort as we have done in the past. Since 2015, we have raised $2,000.00 or more to help supplement the meager annual salary paid to the Executive Director responsible for the necessary leadership and daily operation at the Copey Learning Center. The end date for the salary support is in March.

Specific guidance on ways to make a donation is provided at the bottom of this Post. Please, feel free to start your donations anytime. 

There are no changes to making donations from past practice as shown below. Both fundraisers are essential means of support in order for the Copey Learning Center to have a positive start.

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These funds help assure needy kids will be enrolled, will help provide quality food and shelter for the volunteer teachers, and will help keep competent staff on-hand to accomplish the Copey Learning Center’s mission.

Costa Rica is a beautiful country and the people help make it a country worth visiting and supporting…even many US citizens now live there. But, as you will find elsewhere, people, politics, and poverty together often provide the least fortunate with great limitations and extremely difficult challenges. We offer and provide help!


If you are planning to support either the AGB Scholarship Fund or the Executive Director’s Salary Support or both…the two methods below have served us well and without any complications.

  1. The Copey Learning Center’s PayPal can be used to make donations directly. Please access the PayPal system by clicking on…. Find the PayPal logo in the upper right hand corner of their homepage. To make certain the Copey Learning Center recognizes your donation and how it should be applied, indicate in the comment section that the donation supports the “AGBSF” or the “EDSS”.
  2. The alternate method is to send me your donation. Make the check out to me (Arthur Broady). Once received, your check is deposited in my account and then paid directly to the same Learning Center PayPal system as in Method #1. I will enter your name and designate where it is to be applied per your directions. The PayPal system will issue me a receipt which I send to you as “proof” the donation has been submitted to the Learning Center in your name. Make your check out to Arthur Broady and send to:
    725 N. Center Parkway, Apt. N-201, Kennewick, WA 99336 
    Please contact me if either method needs further explanation.

Sometimes, a “Friend” can make a big difference.

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