Mingling With Magic!!!

“Love and enthusiasm and hardwork can mingle to make magic!”   by Monica Hoel

Looking Back!

It is December…the back end of another year. How does time go by so quickly? Also, we just watched five years fly by since I published my very first Post on December 15, 2013. It was a very short message with only the photo of the Copey Learning Center pictured here. This Learning Center was in use when the Blog began…but the Learning Center is now located in the different facility now seen on all my Posts. 

Who knew on December 15th what would follow?  Today’s Post will be # 267. Admittedly, I never anticipated we would be where we are today and still going strong.                                                                                                        

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The journey has been absolutely amazing and fortunately the compilation of the 267 Posts serve to document the events and our successes over the years. And, you can find each of the 267 Posts on this Blog to read. 

This is not often mentioned but very important. Over the five years I have been reunited with several old friends and strengthened relations with casual friends. Plus, I have experienced connecting with many “new” friends. In short, I am “friends rich” and blessed we are all joined together as “Friends of Copey”.

Time To Be Accountable!

I look forward to next week’s Post when I share Part One of our scorecards. I am gathering the information and it causes me to constantly stop and remember the details. There are two main conclusions I reach from reading these Posts. F

First, what we do is extraordinary. Connecting with a community for the only purpose to support that community’s efforts to achieve its goal is not typical. Other organizations helping with scholarships, salary support, and other educational enhancements totally dedicated to one community is essentially unheard of.

Then, how we do what we do is also extraordiary. We are a devoted group of “friends” uncompensated and fully committed to doing what is within our ability. We do not look or conduct business in any way similar to the established organizations. More on both of these conclusions in the upcoming “scorecards”.

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