Making Our Rent Payments…!

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth.”                                           By Muhammad Ali

Costa Rica Strike Update…!

I have been unsuccessful locating the most up to date news about the Costa Rican strike. The best anyone seems to know at this time is that a very large percentage of the striking workers have returned to work. However, the strike is not officially over. Still looking for clarification on the status of the strike.

The very good news is the impact of the strike has not slowed down the Copey Learning Center. As reported last week, serious education within the walls of the Copey Learning Center is taking place. Graduation is less than one month away and the students have plenty to do.

Learning Center Ambassadors

Many of you will remember Brian Rodriquez. Brian, a Copey Learning Center student Emory 22now for several years, is one of the two “Pathway Project” students who came to America last June. He also represents the first male student among the six “Pathway Project” students who have been selected so far.  Each of the “Pathwayemory-56-e1531758347333.jpg Project” students are selected in part with the expectation they will accept several responsibilities in exchange for this very special experience.

One key responsibility is to return home from America as an “Ambassador for education”. Meaning, “Ambassadors” are expected to be worthy examples for younger students to look up to and learn from. They are to be role models exemplifying good student and citizenship behavior. They are to be leaders! We believe this very special opporunity to enjoy a two-week all expense paid educational trip to America is a fair exchange for becoming an “Ambassador” and a role model for others.

I recently inquired about Brian and shortly thereafter Brian sent me a note. I am happy to share his message with you.

Brian Noteemory Group 2Brian and I have exchanged notes again and he knows he and the other five students (Ambassadors); Adriana, Fatima, Celeste, Noelia, and Lourdes, all share the responsibility of being role models for other students at the Copey Learning Center and the Copey community. This is expecting a lot but we have met each one, spent time with each one, and know first-hand that each one has the potential for success and being the type of person others will want to emulate.

My hope is for “Friends of Copey” to see the importance of our efforts, the extent of our interest, and value of our support for the Copey Learning Center. Did you know you were renting space?


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