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Cost Rican Strike Update…..!

Many of the workers have returned to work. However, according to information offered recently by the Costa Rican government, 98.5% of the workers still on strike are employees of the Ministry of Public Education. So currently the protests are limited to workers of the Ministry of Education according to the papers. “The strike that presented itself as a national movement is limited at this time to the educators (teachers) and this sector represents 98.5% of the strikers”.

Therefore, the status of the Copey Learning Center remains mostly unchanged since early September. The education at the Learning Center continues uninterrupted but not all of the students are able to attend.  Graduation is scheduled for November 23.

Picture Tour

eh-foc-4.jpgIt is always fun to see the young students standing near or even inside the Copey Learning Center. It is especially wonderful when the kids are displaying the name and colors of the college where many of us “Friends” have a strong affiliation. EH FOC Post.3

There is a strong and healthy connection developing between the college and the Copey Learning Center. The mutual interest and cultural awareness is not limited to the young kids. You can find the parents and other adults donning the same attire as the kids.

Kiwanis International Connections

Perhaps we should ship a few Kiwanis shirts to Copey as well. Speaking of Kiwanis, certainly most of the “Friends” are not aware that one of my first real introductions to Costa Rica was thru an international Kiwanis connection. Claudio Pacheco, of Costa Rica was one of my first contacts. His wife Claudioonce belonged to an active Kiwanis Club located in San Jose, Costa Rica and it was because of this connection we met.

Claudio is a most interesting gentleman who attended the United States Naval Academy and served in the US Coast Guard.

Some of Claudio’s family lives in the Copey area. Also, he has family residing in the United States and is very informed and enthusiastic about life in America.

I fully enjoyed having lunch with him during the visit to Costa Rica last November. His friendship and respect has been and remains very important to me and I appreciate the support he has provided over the years to “Friends of Copey”.  For certain, if Kiwanis had not been involved, Claudio Pacheco and I may never have met.

Health and Welfare Report!

There has not been anything new or changed for Marta or my Aunt Christine over the past week. Both are doing well given the circumstances. Keep them in your thoughts and prayers.



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