Happy Easter

Happy Holy Week (Semana Santa)!  

Today ends the first quarter of our calendar year. And, it has been an amazing three months of accomplishments.

First,  two very successful fundraising activities were conducted. Donations in support of the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund and salary support for the Executive Director came in way ahead of schedule and exceeded our goals.

When “Friends” began in late 2013, the working concept was to establish meaningful “partnerships” to help reach our goals. This has been the successful working model we have used time and time again.

A case study of “partnership at work” included the recent interaction between the Copey Learning Center, the Utah Team, and “Friends”.

Standing Together on Holy Ground

It was a major logistical challenge to deliver 400 pounds of school supplies to a rural community outside our country. Also, there were housing accommodations, meals, and transportation needed to be available for the Utah Team to enjoy during their visit. Each of these challenges were met because of the close planning and coordination that took place between the Utah Team, the Learning Center, and “Friends”. This involved addressing numerous details and effective communications among all of us.

“All Kids Can Be Great Kids!”

The Utah Team feel they were well attended to and the plans put in place all worked well. Mostly, their time was spent with children and the adults in the community and with little need for concern about health, well-being, and safety. Time was all “well spent” creating lasting memories. They have even stated being in Copey was a life-changing experience.

Today, another “partnership” is busy at work. The Copey Learning Center, Emory & Henry College (E&H), Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis Club, and “Friends” are gearing up for “Pathway Project 2018”.

“Friends” will conduct a fundraiser to support “Pathway Project 2018”. Emory & Henry College has two students preparing now for their departure to Copey in May and the Learning Center students are preparing for their trip to the United States and E&H College in early June. My Kiwanis Club is in place to manage the donations once the requests for support go out. This four-way partnership worked well last year and we are looking forward to another successful “partnership” year.

Final Word

Meadow Elementary School Principal and leader of the Utah Team, Carolyn Johnson,

“Heart of a Servant”

plans to share soon as my “guest blogger” the story of their recent trip to Copey for us to all enjoy.


Also, the local Lehi, Utah newspaper recently covered the Utah Team’s trip to Copey and provided excellent background on how the school focused on the Copey Learning Center’s need for help.



We just knew 2018 would bring great and wonderful things for us to experience. So, no matter what part of the world you reside in as a “Friend of Copey” and no matter what kind or type of support you provide to “Friends”, this first quarter has been one we can all find something to be proud and excited about. Don’t leave…the next quarter promises even more for us to shout about.

Happy Easter to all!



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  1. So proud to be a part of “Friends”. My heart is uplifted in thanks for the reports of a successful first quarter. The experience of the teachers from Utah was indeed glorious. What a special time it must have been. Amen.

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