Just Say Amen..!

“If you said [Amen] on Sunday…you must walk in [Faith] on Monday!”                                    Author Unknown

We have had our string of continuous “good news” during January and this final Post for this month will not be an exception. “Good News” keeps on coming!

The Scholarship Campaign   (Achieved)

Anne G. Broady SF   Goal:  $1,500.00    Actual: $1,750.00     Deadline: January 26, 2018

Our goal has been achieved! In fact, we have some extra funds to work with. The Learning Center is busy selecting the scholarship recipients for 2018.

The ED Salary Support Campaign

ED Salary Support    Goal: $2,500.00       Actual: $1,900.00        Deadline: April 9, 2018

BIG News! Today, we are reporting our ED Salary Support is very close to being achieved as well. The funds reported today reflect what has been received to date and a portion of what we are certain is on the way. We predict this will be officially achieved in the next few days.

This is really BIG News because we are more than two months ahead of schedule. Translated…”Friends” has responded with donations sooner and with greater generosity than in previous years. BalloonsThank You…!

Meadow Elementary School Update

Some “Friends” commented on last week’s Post about our new partners, the Meadow Elementary School in Lehi, Utah. The comments were very positive and I assure everyone that “Friends” is capable of being partners with others anywhere in the world.  Meadow-Elementary

The school is busy gathering school supplies for the Learning Center. We do not know at this hour how much supplies will be donated but any amount is useful and certainly appreciated.

Remember…this is a month of “Good News!”

Some “Friends” may ask about our plans for delivering the supplies to Copey? Granted…it is a major challenge to ship supplies to Copey. BUT…Meadow Elementary School has the answer.

The school’s Principal, Carolyn Johnson along with Tamarie McMullin, plan to deliver

carolyn Johnson
Carolyn Johnson, Leadership in Action

the school supplies in person. Yes…! They are working on their passports now and making arrangements to travel to Costa Rica in March for the purpose of delivering the goods and spending time volunteering at the Learning Center.

They will be the third source of USA educational representatives (“Friends”) to journey to the Learning Center…our “Friends” Jane and Hailey Tibbett being the first professionals. Of course, we have had three college students who have also traveled to Copey to volunteer.

We delight in others seeing first-hand the Learning Center at work and even volunteering some of their time. “Friends” has many followers who are both active and retired educational professionals around this country and all are invited to visit Copey.

The Copey community has been informed of their future visitors and are getting the red carpet ready to be rolled out again.

Keep following the upcoming Posts as I continue to report on this astounding story. If for some reason you still doubt “divine intervention”, please call me.

Final Words…!

There is more “good news” developing and February promises to be another month worth watching. The Learning Center opens in a few days and we will be off running for another unbelievable school year. The next Post will probably be issued later this week prior to me departing town for a few days.

Can I get an AMEN?


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