Condolences to Las Vegas

” Jesus was acquainted with grief, those who mourn are blessed; for there will come a day all tears shall be wiped away from their eyes and be comforted.” Matthew 5:4

Waking up this morning to the news of the shooting in Las Vegas was very unsettling. As a father with two children and two grandchildren claiming Las Vegas as home, the news of the horrific event hit home very quickly. Fortunately, a quick call to my daughter assured me that all my family was all okay.

However, for many the news is not as reassuring and for all of us we are again reminded how things can happen instantly and lives changed forever. Our thoughts and prayers for all involved are extended.

To bring you a Post full of positive and uplifting news is a real challenge today because of the event in Las Vegas.  I will try!

Jane’s Weekly Quote!

Jane has passed her first 30 days in Copey and now has about 60 days remaining. She has and continues to stamp her mark on the community and the Learning Center. This past Jane 1week, Jane’s son John and wife Paula spent the early part of the week in Copey as reported last week and the balance of the week was spent seeing other areas of Costa Rica. I spoke with the three of them near the end of the week during a Skype session.Jane ATV

Jane’s quote is actually from her son John. He wrote “I love Copey!” However, Jane did say…“John’s quote says it all!”  And I agree wholeheartedly. As you may recall, I challenged the retired teachers/educators (Friends) to go to Copey and take Jane zipthe Copey Challenge…to share your teaching experience and your long history of educational know-how. Jane took up the challenge and is finding the experience totally inspiring and rewarding. We are continuously amazed at her enthusiasm for teaching the children and her zest for life. She has fully embraced the Copey community, the Learning Center, and evidently the entire country. Whether or not she is holding class, riding an ATV in rough terrain, or flying high above the rain forest on a zip-line, she gives it her very best!

I personally know many of you retired educators and I know you have given your very best to the education profession. And of course, retirement is good…well great! But, you can still treat yourself to an extraordinary experience. Consider the Copey Challenge and find out first hand why this small community is so special. Spending a week, month, or even 3 months at the Copey Learning Center may be the biggest highlight of your educational career just waiting for you.

Other Copey News!

I also had a very long and productive Skype session with Ana Yancy, Director of the Learning Center. Ana Yancy is very busy as the Learning Center moves into the final two months of operation for this year. She and her volunteers purchased school supplies this weekend with the help of some recent donations. This provides the supplies needed to finish out the school year.

The students being considered for “Pathway Project 2018” look very promising. The excitement is growing among the students and in the community as we move along the student selection process. Hopefully, the selection process will be completed early November.

Keep connected to learn the results of the upcoming Spelling Bee contest. Mariana Rodriguez, our 2016 National Spelling Bee finalist is trying to get back to the National contest. Her younger sister Margarita is trying to join her by winning in the upcoming competition.

Celeste Mora
Celeste Ulloa Mora

Then, Celeste, our guest student during the “Pathway Project 2016”, is our third candidate for a possible National Competition spot. We are extremely proud of all three students and will watch closely the results.

Rodriguez photos
Mariana and Margarita

We enjoy experiencing the success of these students since the competition is “English based” and Learning Center students are encouraged each year to participate and compete with students in the country. The vast majority of the other students competing enjoy many more educational opportunities and resources and are strong competitors. These Learning Center students are helping put Copey on the map as they tend to shock others with their success in this competition. It is an added bit of excitement when the student is also a current or past recipient of the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund. My records indicate all three have been recipients.


Thank you those who made comments regarding last week’s Post highlighting my grandson, Maliek. I am still very emotionally sensitive. And, while preparing this Post, the number of casualties continues to rise in Las Vegas. Please keep all those involved in your prayers.





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  1. We, too, are shocked and distressed re the horror in Vegas AK, and pray for the victims, their families and for the survivors.

    Thanks for the update, it helps to ease our minds with positive thinking!


  2. Prayer is always the key to comfort in the time of sadness. May the Lord keep and bless those who are out of harms way. Have good day!

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