“Embracing Unity’s Benefits…”

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.”   by Mattie Stepanek

“Pathway Project 2017” Financial Close-Out

All of the bills are paid and the account now is at zero balance. We are officially done with the project and my heartfelt thanks goes out to so many who contributed to our success. The total amount of funds spent on this project was $5,511.00. Our goal was to raise $2,700.00 to add to the carry-over of $2,198.00 from 2016. We exceeded the goal and raised $2,965.00 in donations. This added to the carry-over totaled $5,165.00 in available funds.thank you .3

We did overspend by $346.00 but this has been recently covered. The overrun was caused by a couple essential expenses we had not budgeted enough funds for.

All in all, we are extremely pleased with the financial results. Having added one additional guest this year made the budget planning a bit more challenging.

Some aspects of the financial planning is pure guess-work. We anticipate some improvements in our planning efforts in 2018. However, we utilized the funds very well and managed to provide many experiences that will be long remembered by our guests.

Recapping our financial efforts, the “Friends of Copey” covered the expenses for four guests’ for airfare, a rental car for two days and the purchase of fuel, one night of lodging in Costa Rica and two nights of lodging near the Dulles International Airport. From the time of their departure from and return to Copey, all meals were covered by “Friends” except what was provided by supporters. Other expenses included bus fares while traveling around DC, attending a performance at the Kennedy Center, visiting numerous DC landmarks and locations while en route to the college campus, bowling and a variety of other unique sports and entertainment activities. Some minor expenses were spent to cover a few personal and miscellaneous items. By our calculations, we averaged close to only $1,378.00 in total cost per guest. FANTASTIC!

Scholars Group Picture 1

Also, we estimate another $3,000-$3,500.00 listed as in-kind services and support. This included the food/drink for the reception party for about 30 guests. The college’s host family provided room and board at their private home during the first week. The tuition cost was donated by a private donor for the Summer Scholar Institute which included room and board the second week. Even several of the recreational activities were covered by in-kind support from “Friends”.

This project was close to being 100 % funded by “Friends” affiliated with E&H College. There were two Kiwanis donors who insisted on having their donations support this project.

The Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis Foundation provided all of the accounting for this project. The donated accounting support has proven to be exceptional and “priceless”.zzzKiwanis

Unity and collaborating partnerships are the foundation for the success of “Pathway Project 2017”. The partners include the Copey community, the Learning Center, E&H College, and TCI Kiwanis. Then, there were many individuals who went far beyond the call of duty to make this truly an extraordinary success. This is a very proud accomplishment for “Friends” from many different angles. Thank You.

Emory & Henry 1973 Grad Is Packing For Copey

In late August, Jane Rutledge from North Carolina will be heading to Copey for a three-month volunteer teaching tour. I am very excited about this for various reasons. I have known Jane since about 1968. Jane’s husband Gail was my zzzEmory image 5fraternity brother. I spent much time with Jane and Gail while visiting their home during our college days together. I often borrowed their car to get to my job 30 miles away from campus. This act of generosity I have never forgotten.

During a phone conversation with Gail a couple of years ago, I reminded him how much I have always appreciated having his little Nova to get to work. Unfortunately, Gail passed away this past February.

During the late 60’s Jane was as much a fraternity sister as Gail was a fraternity brother. Even then, Jane was very smart and witty and had the will power, skills, and determination to do whatever she felt needed to be done. She worked while Gail obtained his degree and then Jane followed up earning her degree in 1973 from E&H College.

As is often the case involving us with Liberal Arts Degrees, Jane spent part of her career in education as a classroom teacher, tutor, and scorer. At other times she was self-employed, has great craft skills, and also worked in sales. This is all “great news” as it makes Jane a very important and productive candidate for this Learning Center assignment. She will take to the Learning Center a wide range of useful skills and talents. This seasoned classroom veteran, mother, business woman, and community service worker, will have a variety of teaching tools available to support the Learning Center’s mission.

Good NewsIn a recent note to me Jane said the following…“My friends are envious of me! My family is in awe and asked if “we are spending Thanksgiving in Costa Rica?” I told them if they had their passports they could have turkey wherever!”

This is vintage Jane. I might also add that E&H College will place another set of fingerprints on the work being done in the Learning Center. So far, we have had three students and soon we will add our first graduate. She has taken on the Copey Challenge…anymore takers?




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