“Friends…Bring the Gift of Joy”

“I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy.”         By Chuck Swindoll

“So far my experience in Costa Rica has been nothing but enjoyable and an enormous blessing” are the words written by Melody after spending her first week at the Copey Learning Center as a Emory & Henry College student volunteer. She is obviously experiencing the joy and sense of satisfaction both Casey and Xavier shared with us last year when they were volunteers at the Center. Melody has a student Blog set up to periodically document her experience in Costa Rica.  She and I both invite you to check in on her at times and learn about her experiences.  http://melodyincostarica2017.weebly.com/

Angela and her husband traveled back to the US last week to attend Angela’s graduation. She has received her Masters Degree and is sharing this wonderful educational achievement with her husband and family. She will then return to Copey to get ready to take on the “Pathway Project” and lead our guests to the US on June 10th.US Flag.2

Wondering how the “Pathway Project” fundraising campaign is going? The official end date for this campaign was May 20th. Last week I reported in my Post we had raised 38.9% of our goal. The same day, the amount jumped to 70.4%.  At the official close of the campaign…. Drum Roll Please!


We are now at 83.9% or $435.00 short of our goal. However, my sources inform me there are still funds not yet accounted for. Consequently, it is full steam ahead and we look forward to another successful experience.

Tracking 5.

As you recall, about 20 selected college friends and affiliates were called on to help raise the funds to support the “Pathway Project” in 2017.

As of today, there has been about a 60% response rate. This is noteworthy as far as fundraising goes. And, I am deeply appreciative for the obvious generosity demonstrated in support of this project.  Those who have responded to date…Thank You!

I hope everyone among the “Friends” clearly understands the significance of the “Pathway Project”.

The “Pathway Project” is providing life-changing experiences for two more young students. Fatima and Adriana are soon to leave their rural community to travel to America. They will bring with them the thoughts and prayers of their families, their friends, and their community. They will have experiences while in America most in their community may never experience. Many Copey moms and dads do not speak any English and most likely have not ever been to North America. It is impossible for us to imagine what it must feel like for these moms and dads seeing children from their community leaving for America. Under these circumstances, it could only happen with the “Pathway Project” and the involvement of “Friends”.


Last year, when Noelia and Celeste returned home from America, they returned home as inspirational and motivational leaders. Noelia and Celeste shared their experiences with other students and have been very helpful preparing Fatima and Adriana for their trip.

Dr. Gaia and many others on the E&H College campus have done a remarkable job getting everything set up and in place for their arrival. The students will have a week of recreation including hiking and biking, visiting interesting sites, concerts, and many other activities.

Their second week will be attending the Summer Scholars Institute and Leadership Program on campus. They will meet many American students their age and spend their time sharing and learning. Just as the students last year, Fatima and Adriana will return home living proof that great things can happen to you when you really work at being excellent students.


The “Pathway Project” is all this and certainly more. Such experiences cause students to dream and to hope. In fact, we believe the entire Copey community is being transformed by this project.


By calling on selected donors to support this, it also serves as an invitation to share in the excitement and success of a very worthwhile, extraordinary, amazing, productive, and successful experience.

Please make plans to join in on the time Angela, Ana Yancy, Fatima, and Adriana will be on campus at E&H College. They are expected to arrive June 12th and depart on June 24th. I will be with them during the week of June 12th.

Based on last year’s experience, you will not be disappointed.






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  1. I have few words reading your report AK! I suppose “FANTASTIC” is a bit trite! Just know that I am thankful and proud of you! Lin

  2. I looked at Melody’s post. Unfortunately, I don’t find a place to leave a comment. I wanted to tell her how much I enjoyed reading her blog and that I appreciate her willingness to go to another country to teach English to the children. If you are in touch with her, would you please let her know. Thanks

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