Dream…Plan…But Also Believe!

“Never be afraid to try something new. Remember, amateurs built the ark; professionals built the Titanic!”             – Anonymous

Okay, now we are having in most places decent weather on the west coast and today I see predictions for horrible winter weather on the east coast. My heart goes out to you easterners as I hope to enjoy 60 plus degree weather today.

Last week I had the wonderful pleasure of speaking directly with Katie, Lashawn, and Daniel. These three volunteers at the Copey Learning Center all seemed very enthusiastic and joyful about their work with the children. Skype technology is a real blessing.

Hopefully, next week we may have the opportunity to bring together our Pen Pals from our local elementary school and some of the young students at the Learning Center. This will be the first chance we have had since November 2016.

It has been a few months now since “Hidden Figures” arrived at theKatherine Johnson Movie shot (3) theaters and several communities are still showing the movie. My sister Pat and I both are often asked about our thoughts regarding the movie and Aunt Katherine. Last evening we were the invited guests at a local church to discuss with its members the various social issues presented in the movie. We enjoy these discussions and the opportunity to share our views pertaining to both the movie and Aunt Katherine’s role at NASA and the family’s reactions to the movie.

We Are Getting Closer!

I am providing “Friends” a sneak preview of the newly proposed Copey Learning Center. This is a preliminary drawing and there is still much to be decided before we move past Stage 1. I am feeling a tremendous amount of excitement over the design. This new facility could be a significant addition to the community and have substantial impacts on a wide range of  community interests. Even though it is preliminary, I feel as “Friends” you deserve to see what the future of the Learning Center might look like. IMG_1308 (2)

To be clear, we are nearing the final steps of Stage 1 which entails us to closely evaluate the final design and determine if we have a reasonable chance of raising the funds needed before moving to Stage 2. We owe Larry (architect) and Cindy Windes who reside near Copey, a great deal of thanks for providing this preliminary drawing. They have worked closely with the Learning Center Board members and the community to get their input on what a new facility should include to support the mission of the Learning Center and the needs of the community. Stay tuned in. There is so much more to come on this topic.

Again, thank you for being so extremely generous and helping the fundraising efforts achieve success way ahead of previous years’ schedule. Looking over the numerous indicators, the site visits are way ahead of last year’s totals at this time, new “Friends” joining in are increasing, and all seems to be going well at the Learning Center.




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