Opportunities Flourish Among the Ambitious

“Good seasons start with good beginnings.”   ~ by  Sparky Anderson

We are very pleased to welcome Melody Lipford, our 2017 selected Emory and Henry College volunteer student scheduled to journey to the Copey Learning Center in the Spring. Melody is currently a sophomore and is pursuing her degree in English and a minor in Spanish. She is a first generation college student, ambitious and very proud to be working towards her degree.

Her personal interests include writing and singing. She is also an avid reader.

Melody Lipford

I asked Melody to tell me something unique about her and she informed me that she is only 9 months and 3 weeks younger than her older sister. Okay…I agree that is unique because I am sure most people do not have a sibling this close in age.

Similar to last year’s two E&H College students who volunteered to travel to the Copey Learning Center, Casey and Xavier, Melody is also a Virginian. Her hometown is in Pennington Gap.Xavier and student boy

Melody loves meeting new people and looks forward to traveling to Costa Rica. This will be her first trip outside of the United States. I foresee this being a real life-changing experience for Melody and I invite all “Friends” to join me as we welcome her and support her on this new experience. Later this week she will begin interacting with Ana Yancy, the Copey Learning Center Director, as she starts her orientation on the country Costa Rica, its culture, and life in Copey.


Melody will have the opportunity to meet and hopefully work with the two Learning Center students, Ariana and Fatima, both scheduled to travel to E&H College in June. This is an exceptionally wonderful arrangement having students from both the college and from the Learning Center with an opportunity to build a relationship.

The Learning Center Looks Forward!

The school doors of the Learning Center will open on February 13th and the students will be excited and ready to start a new year of education. “Friends of Copey” will also be excited knowing 16 or more Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund recipients will be among the students attending. This is our “great start to a great season.”

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive         Goal=$1,500.00       Actual=$1,600.00

“Friends” you have been extremely generous and supportive. The pledges and actual donations allow us to continue our support for 16 or more children and the Copey community is very appreciative. However, it is important to get your donations submitted if you have not yet.zzzSeidy and students

Parents and children are being notified and enrolled based on our total commitments to date and we would hate to withdraw a student because we overstated our support.



Executive Director Salary Support         Goal=$2,000                  Actual=$1050.00

Also, we are still making progress on raising funds for the ED position. We are over half-way and still tracking closely to last year’s donations and schedule.

Donation Methods

If you plan to donate directly using the Copey Learning Center PayPal system, please click on this link to get started. Please be sure to include this is for AGB or ED. The Learning Center needs to track where to apply the donation and help keep our records correct.  http://copeylearningcenter.org/

If you prefer I place the donation in PayPal for you, then you “MUST” send me a check or money order made out to me. Please do not make it payable to “Friends of Copey”. There is “no” Friends of Copey” bank account since we quickly forward the funds to the Learning Center and do not hold funds back. Once your donation is received, the deposit will be made into my personal bank account and the donation is then made using PayPal indicating the donation is from you. Over four years now, this system has worked very well.

Arthur T. Broady, 725 N. Center Parkway, Apt. N-201, Kennewick, WA 99336   or                           Phone: 1-509-783-5897 if you have questions.

In closing, we all stand on the doorsteps of another year of promise and performance. We have a lot on our plate and many things planned for the year. Yes, we are ambitious and optimistic but this is how “FAITH” works on you. We believe! Thank you for all you do and please know that I am truly humbled by your generosity, interest, and support. Now…let’s go get this done!

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