“And now we welcome the new year. Full of things that have never been.”                                              By  Rainer Maria Rilke

I wrote the following words last year just after Christmas: “The year 2016 has so much promise for the “Friends of Copey”.  If I could make one New Year’s wish come true it would be that each of you would fully experience the joy that comes with being a “Friend” to the Copey community.”

I was certainly inspired to make that 2016 prediction. My happy-new-yearcup of optimism was overflowing and I was certain new and wonderful things were going to happen in 2016. If you followed “Friends” during 2016 and if you have seen our 2016 scorecard for our performance, you know the promise became reality.

And, I am just as confident proclaiming 2017 will be a year even greater than 2016. And, still my New Year’s wish is that you will continue your support and experience the “joy” that comes with being a “Friend of Copey”.

January 2017 will start off very busy with our two annual fundraisers: the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund and the funding support  needed to assist the Board of Directors’ efforts to keep the one paid position, Executive Director of the Learning Center. These fund-raisers are significant and we have conducted both at the same time successfully each of the past two years.copey-students                  graduation-class-1

Also in January, there will be a major announcement! I have been alluding to some special news for several months and the time to share the news is getting very close. You will want to stay involved/connected and be apart of something very extraordinary.    zzzstudents cleaning up

“Friends of Copey’s” Open Letter to the Learning Center’s Board of Directors will be shared next week. Stay tuned in to see what the new year has in store.

The Copey Community speaks:

“We are very grateful to see how everybody is engaged and willing to help this community. Thank you for all for your support! This center is blooming🙂”    by Catalina 

“Wishing to express my deepest gratitude to “Friends of Copey”, to our dear friend Arthur, the Foundation Anne G. Broady, the Emory & Henry College, for contributing directly to the Mission of Copey Learning Center is serving. God bless you always!”  Seidy R.

I’m very grateful for your  economic and emotional support because this experience is very beautiful, special and unique, this competition show me that CLC have a big impact in my life because here I learn a second language,  that give me important opportunities.                                   by Mariana…National Spelling Bee contestant 






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  1. Friends, let’s make 2017 our most committed year ever. I am looking forward to all that will be accomplished this year and beyond. Lisa B.

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