Pictures of Success!

“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is SUCCESS.”                                      ~  by  Henry Ford

The 2016 year has been a tremendously successful year for “Friends of Copey” and its relationship with the Copey Learning Center. Our support role with the Learning Center includes the development of partnerships for the purpose of helping support the mission of the Learning Center.

Have we successfully set up partnerships? Absolutely we have! Hidden behind the various photos below are many stories about people and organizations supporting our efforts. Hopefully, many of the details describing all this support will come out as we spend the next several weeks reviewing our very successful year.

Today, take comfort in knowing that somewhere behind one or more of these photos, you can be seen standing tall as a “Friend of Copey”. You can be assured that you have helped in one or more of the many ways we have partnered with the Learning Center. You are part of this amazing story and I thank you.

Casey and student girls            Xavier and student boy


The Group

LIncoln Monument   EH college A yard sale 2

mariana-3         zzzKiwanis
graduation-class-1The outstanding work that went on behind the scenes which produced these photos was done by the following groups: The Emory & Henry College staff and students, Emory & Henry College Alumni, Jefferson Elementary School staff, Marion Senior High School Class of 66, Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis, The Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and several others including more than 100 PLUS loyal “Friends” who consistently stay involved throughout the year supporting the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund and other initiatives. You can find the stories behind all these photos among previous posts.  Search on any of these words: Casey or Xavia, Celeste or Noelia, Mariana, Emory & Henry College, AGB Scholarship Fund, and Kiwanis,.  THANKS TO ALL


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  1. YES! How about such great news and adventures to end 2016 on a positive note. Congratulations to Ana, the students, volunteers, friends, partners, and our great leader, Scrapper. What a great team!
    Happy Holiday to all. Best,Lisa B.

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