I Am Proud Of Copey

“The pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. The optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty” ~ Winston Churchill

This is a very big week ahead at the Learning Center!

First, this is the final week of the 2016 school year and graduation will be held this coming Saturday. The students have been attending class since last February and their summer time is here. We expect to have photos of graduation for you next week.

Also this week, Mariana goes to the National Spelling Bee contest. What a thrill! Several of you have sent notes of good wishes and congratulations to Mariana. Here are a few:

Mariana winning Regional 1st Place

“Congratulations to Mariana! I am so happy to read this news. I will be thinking of her and all our friends.” LB

“Congratulations to Mariana and all the wonderful teachers and volunteers who made this dream possible for her. All the young students at the Learning Center are truly blessed”. LC

“Congratulations and much success. So young and such an outstanding role model you are”.  ER

Now, because of the rules, only one parent is permitted to attend the National Spelling Bee contest. Lorena, Mariana’s mother plans to accompany her daughter. I announced last week our desire to help cover some of Lorena’s anticipated travel expenses.

I issued the request because I thought Mariana’s family could use some financial help. And, there was a second reason as well. I admire Mariana’s parents. I admire their commitment and devotion to providing the best education possible for their children. I think they represent all of the Copey community who believes education is important. And if it is possible for us “Friends” to lend a hand and support their efforts, then let’s do it. And we did!  The donations came in showing again our tremendous generosity. We believe we have enough to cover “all” of Lorena’s anticipated expenses for transportation, hotel, and meal costs. And, because of your support, Mariana will have her mother along to share this wonderful experience without worries about personal or family finances.

Lorena Rodriguez Mora with her family

Ana Yancy was notified that “the check is in the mail” to the Learning Center. We will now hold on patiently to hear next Thursday or Friday the results of Mariana’s performance. Ana Yancy expressed on behalf of Lorena and her family, and all of Copey, their deepest appreciation for our support.

I also want to “thank you donors” and everyone else as well. This often reminds me of the friend I shared with you before who apologized because she does not have on hand money to make donations. But, says she prays that those who can…will donate. Frankly, I believe her prayers work.

Once again I consider it to be my honor to be associated with you. There are so many ways to “make a difference” and once in a while, yes it takes some money…but not always. I see first hand the blessings that come in the form of donations such as with the AGB Scholarship Fund and other benefits donations provide the Learning Center. Mariana, an AGB Scholarship recipient is an excellent case in point. However, I also see the blessings that are not related to financial donations such as “Pen Pals”, weekly Posts, encouraging notes, the supportive emails I get, and the rest. Both money and our plain old fashion “good will” are what truly “makes the difference”  and makes this all work..

2016…”Friends of Copey”…what a year of caring and support this has turned out to be! 


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