Will You Make a Difference?

“When you encourage others, you in the process are encouraged because you’re making a commitment and difference in that person’s life. Encouragement really does make a difference.”                                         By  Zig Ziglar

Friends, we continue to get very positive feedback from the presentation made on October 14th to my Kiwanis Club. I have been told there are likely more invites forthcoming which will allow me to share the story of the Learning Center and “Friends of Copey” with many more people.

We also continue to try to have a Skype session with the Learning Center students. Today, was our latest attempt. Prior to today we have had our share of missed opportunities mostly having to do with electronic problems. Evencopey-students the weather has been a major problem for us lately since it interferes with the Wi-Fi reception.

On Thursday last week, I spent time at Jefferson Elementary School here locally working out all of the bugs we have identified preventing us from having a successful Skype session. The problems were solved and I successfully connected with Ana Yancy via Skype. We both agreed to set the new time with the kids for this Monday (today). Kids from both the Learning Center and Jefferson Elementary were to be assembled to participate in this long-awaited Skype session.

Unfortunately, the tablet used by the Learning Center failed/broke and the Skype session did not take place. So, today represents one more failed try…but we do not get discouraged…only disappointed. We have been so close to success a few times and we cannot even think of giving up. The kids are all excited and are depending on us to work out these electronic problems. We now must wait on the verdict of the tablet to see if and when it can be repaired. In the meantime, I see this as a great “teachable moment”.copey-students  We should not lose sight of the fact that we represent two countries working together and not always on equal terms. Cell phones, laptops, Wi-Fi capabilities, and other means of electronic advancements are generally at our fingertips in the USA. Not so in Copey and other rural areas of Costa Rica. This points out even more how special our involvement is in this community. Just give it some thought. How many in this vast world of ours is even trying to speak to kids in Copey? We have been true and consistent and not easily discouraged regardless of the commitments and challenges we undertake.Things tend to be wonderful when all is going well but the true measure of our devotion and dedication is determined by our willingness to stay the course when both large and small setbacks are experienced. Sooner or later…we will Skype!
Spelling Bee

With all that has gone on over the past few days trying to hook up with the Learning Center, I have forgotten to follow-up on the Spelling Bee contest. I will find out the status and let you know.

Finally, I am leaving tomorrow to travel back east to Emory & Henry College to attend my Board meetings. I am looking forward to this trip as it will afford me the first opportunity to speak to many of the donors who supported the travel cost for our Copey guests last June. I am very excited about this and proud to represent both the Learning Center and “Friends” while I am there. I am also anticipating discussions on our next year’s plans for E&H students going to Copey and Learning Center students traveling to Virginia. I will inform this year’s donors of the need to continue their support in 2017. I will report back to you when I return.

Learning Center Closes for Summer Break on November 19th, 2016. Will resume in early February, 2017.



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