Gratitude in Abundance…!

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
William Arthur Ward

This is an unusual time as we witness many personnel changes taking place at the Learning Center.

First, Angela is completing her final week as Executive Director of the Learning Center. She is leaving Copey on Saturday with our two Learning Center students heading to America. After their two week visit in our country, Angela and the students will return to Copey. Then, Angela boards another airplane to travel to China to fulfill a special teaching assignment.

Ana Yancy Chinchilla replaces Angela as the new Executive Director and is ready to take over the leadership and administrative responsibilities associated with the day to day operation of the Learning Center. I had the pleasure of speaking with Ana last week and I am most impressed with her strong

New Director Ana Yancy Chinchilla

interest in the work of the Learning Center and her academic and professional credentials. We, the “Friends of Copey” will continue our commitment to support the Learning Center and pledge to do what we can to help the Learning Center’s growth and success.

Goodbye to Marguerite Markki.jpg
Angela with Marguerite and Markki

Additional changes include volunteer replacements for both volunteer teachers, Marguerite and Markki. Both have been at the Learning Center for about one year. Their replacements are Joe and

Suzuki and Solana
Joe and Solana

Solana. Joe is a Peace Corps volunteer from Las Vegas, doing economic development work and volunteering as a teacher.   Solana is from Kelowna, Canada and has studied in Ecuador and at the University of Melbourne in Australia. Both are joining Ana as the new education team taking over the leadership and educational challenges/responsibilities at the Learning Center.

Finally, our two E&H college student teacher volunteers Casey and Xavier, will complete their service and depart Costa Rica on Saturday. Fortunately, all five of the travelers are booked on the same flight back to the US.

I will meet Angela and the Learning Center students at E&H College on June 10th to welcome them to our campus. I look forward to finally meeting Angela and will be thrilled to see both of the students.

The “pathways”set up to allow both Casey and Xavier to travel to Copey, Costa Rica and allow Angela and our two guest students to travel to America are a result of caring and Casey and Xavier

committed people who could see the value of having E&H college students spending time in Copey and have Copey students seeing America and visiting a beautiful college campus. Dr. Gaia at E&H College headed up the team of campus supporters while Angela worked with both the Learning Center and the community to gain support. Our four students; Casey, Xavier, Celeste, and Noelia all had to compete with others to get selected to participate in this very rare opportunity. I can not begin to thank everyone, including the “special E&H donors” who provided much of the financial resources needed to get the Copey guests to America.

I never have a problem explaining to others just how “Friends of Copey” actually works. It is very simple and very easy to see. “Friends” are just everyday people who spiritually, or physically, or financially demonstrate a desire to help others willing to help themselves. The development and implementation of these “pathways” is a very clear example of “Friends” in action.  The best gift I can offer to show the gratitude I feel is to say…THANKS!

Sad News!

Just as I sent out my Memorial Post in honor of Memorial Day, I received a call informing me that a dear cousin had suddenly passed away. The news was shocking and our family is grieving today. Marty Clark resided in Washington, DC and was deeply involved in planning his mother’s 90th birthday celebration scheduled for July 2. I was looking forward to seeing him and sharing in the celebration which now appears to be cancelled. I was in communications with him last Friday and his last comment to me read:

 “Tell all on your end we send our love and look forward to seeing you soon!”


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