Today is a Gift…!

Today is a gift…this is why it is called the present!  by Bil Keane

This morning I am in East Tennessee visiting kids and grandkids. Also, I am in the area to attend my Spring Board of Trustees meeting at my college scheduled later this week. Fortunately, I am in much better shape medically speaking compared to the past two weeks and would not have been able to make this trip if I had not gotten better. Feels good to feel good!

While on campus this week, I hope to meet both of the students, Xavier and Casey, who will be traveling to Copey in May. I am very impressed with both of them and it would be certainly a highlight for me to make personal contact. I will update you next week on how this goes.

On the other end of this great adventure are both Celeste and Noelia who according to Angela are very eager and excited about their pending travels to the USA and the Emory & Noelia Emory Student CopeyHenry College campus. It is not only the students but the parents and the Copey community who are all excited and happy for these two young ladies.

My greatest wish at this time is that each “Friend” will pause for a moment and absorb what this must feel like for these two young ladies. Personally, I am lost for words to describe what I think it must be like for them. But, you must know this is both a time of sheer excitement and certainly some anxiety for Celeste and Noelia. Remember, the Copey community is helping cover their personal expenses including travel attire, expenses directly associated with visas, and transportation to and from San Celeste Emory Copey student

Jose. Once these guests arrive at the college, all of their expenses will be covered by the local community and the Rotary Club. “Friends” is taking care of the airfare expenses for all three travelers; Angela, Celeste, and Noelia. Just another sterling example of what teamwork and partnership efforts can accomplish.

There are some other developments in the works. I often speak about the Kiwanis K-Kids. The Learning Center students are building a relationship with the 4th and 5th grade K-Kids at Jefferson Elementary School in Richland, Washington. I have been given the green light by Kiwanis to attempt to make the Learning Center zzzKiwanis

students official K-Kids…not just Pen Pals. If this can be done, it will represent a very unique and amazing achievement. Well, this is what we are known for…unique and amazing results. So keep up with the prayers and positive expectations. What is a K-Kid?

Finally, I would like to share an amazing experience I had while traveling here. More than a few times, I have told others about my chance encounters with people who have some interest or connection with Costa Rica. While I am in the middle of such an experience, I am renewed and reminded how special “Friends of Copey” is. I fear most of you “Friends” miss this kind of experience because you do not just take a minute to tell someone, friend or stranger, about your support and involvement in this project. Next week, I want to introduce you to a special young student, Mikayla. Our short flight together was a very fun and informative experience sharing information about Copey, her life’s dreams, and her future. Plan to meet Mikayla next week.
















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  1. Wonderful to hear what is evolving, and glad you have recovered. Don’t forget an afternoon siesta!



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