Willpower…can unlock doors!

“Whatever good things we build end up building us.” by Jim Rohn

“Hand Me Another Brick”! An expression of a builder intent on doing the work at hand and doing so with the intention to do it well. Some workers awake each day complaining about life and not excited about the possibilities the day has in store. Just

Happy students at the Learning Center

another day is calling they seem to think. Another day full of hardship, work, failure, disappointment, and dissatisfaction waiting. In short, it is a day lacking the joy of living.

Some of us arise each morning with something different in mind. There is a sense of great expectations and we look eagerly for the day to begin. We firmly believe we have something important to do and we soon get about the business of getting it done. So we say to the world…”Hand me another brick”!

As a kid, I worked summers as a laborer for my Uncle Ed. He was a highly skilled and respected brick mason. We specialized in constructing brick patios, brick walkways, retaining walls, and such.20160215_113341

As the 10 hour workday would wind down, I would be totally exhausted. My youthful energy was spent and I was ready to go home and call it a day. Then, I would hear Uncle Ed, at age 67,  say…Hand me another brick!  He found joy each day while performing his craft. His day did not end when he got tired or when he did not feel well, or it was too hot or rainy. It only ended when his work plan for the day was complete. Everything he built was something he thought was important and the work provided him with a purpose to wake up and be excited about life’s possibilities. People depended on him. It is a blessing when you know you have a purpose and that what you do matters to others.

“Friends of Copey” offers me the opportunity to wake up each morning feeling eager for the day to begin. For certain, my time each day with this project is a day of joy. I am excited to see a message from Copey and equally excited to share the information with each of you. I enjoy seeing the smiles of students who have a deep appreciation for learning…especially learning English.Maria teaching ABC's

I look forward each day to the possibility that something wonderful and significant will happen. And it often does. Even today, something very wonderful happened but I will share it later. I have come to understand the drive and determination embodied in the words…”Hand me another brick!”.

As “Friends of Copey”, we are busy building something important and there are those who depend on us. I encourage you to recognize the significant difference we are making by doing the things we do. It can be enough to cause you to wake up almost euphoric and excited about the new day.

Student pictures

Do you feel like you do not really have a role or a reason for being a “Friend”? Do you ever have a wild idea you think would make a big or even a small difference in the day in the life of a kid in Copey? Have you ever thought about writing a personal and encouraging note to Angela or the kids at the Learning Center? There are so many ways to be a “Friend” and make a huge difference. You just have to say…”Hand me another brick”!

Next week, I will provide an update on our Executive Director fundraising campaign, an update on our E&H College students traveling to Copey, and some exciting news that could be groundbreaking. Thanks to all for all you do!

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