Education Breeds Confidence….!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”               – Nelson Mandela

Last week, I shared some information about Noelia, our Learning Center student who is heading to Emory & Henry College in June.

I promised to introduce you to the second Learning Center student who will also be traveling with Noelia and Angela in June. Please meet 15 year old Celeste Ulloa Mora. She has been a student at the Learning Center for four years. She is extremely excited being the second of two selected candidates to make this journey. Celeste Emory Copey student

Similar to Noelia, Celeste is very strong academically and does extremely well in other activities. She has participated in gymnastics, band, speech, and theater to mention only a few of her many student activities. Below are Celeste’s own words explaining why she wanted to be selected for this wonderful opportunity to travel to the USA and attend the Scholars Leadership course at Emory & Henry College in June. Celeste Letter.1I share the entire text with you to point out her growth and development in learning English. The importance of the Learning Center is on display here as it points out the fact this report written in English from Celeste would not have been possible without being enrolled in the Learning Center. The positive impact the education is providing is astounding and with a couple more years of English, she will do extremely well. I also share the full text to illustrate how positive Celeste is regarding her upcoming role as an Ambassador. She will be a huge hit in the USA and when she returns home, she will be equally significant as a source of inspiration for other Learning Center students.

Executive Director Position 

Goal= $2,000    *Donations/Pledges Received= $1,600       Balance=$400

We are still moving towards our goal albeit at a slow pace. I am very optimistic this will be reached by April. I still ask you to support this fund raising effort if you have not yet done so. Keeping strong leadership in place is vital to the short and long term success of the Learning Center. Instructions for donations are found in the February 9, 2016 Post.

You can contact me using the information below.

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  1. WOW! Celeste’s words and writing are amazing. The students at Emory & Henry will certainly learn a lot from her. What an amazing opportunity for all involved. This is more evidence of Mandela’s words. Thank you, Arthur.

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