The Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund….

“Friends”, I want to provide you a mid-week update on our progress towards reaching our Anne G. Broady Scholarship Goal.

We are getting very close and we just need only a few more donors to help us over the victory line. I am so thankful and appreciative for those who have already donated. Most 2015 donors have responded and a few new “Friends” have also joined in. The most recent update shows the following:

The Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund (Deadline February 1)

Goal = $1,500    *Donations Received = $1,200     Balance =$300 (still needed)

Lisa B. responded to the last Post. Recall, she previously issued a challenge to any “new” Friend to make a donation. I want to share part of the message she sent me today:  Lisa.rev.1

“Love the beautiful photograph of Tatiana. What a joy! Thank you to our friend Stephanie T. for becoming a new friend and for supporting these wonderful students and their teachers and volunteers. Thank you, Arthur, for your support of Lexie and for all that you do. You are right, We CAN do this! Dave and I will make our next donation in honor of our son, Jim, who is trying to return to Spain and teach English as a second language. He studied in Ronda, Spain during his last year of college a few years back.

Thank you Lisa B. You truly are among our most dedicated “Friends”. You are a highly recognized public school teacher currently serving as a traveling elementary music teacher, an accomplished and successful musician and songwriter, a Pen Pal leader, and much more. Because of you, Lexie and other young students are getting involved with the Learning Center. Lisa’s full message is located under “Recent Comments”.

So “Friends”, if you are still considering making a donation, hopefully you will decide this project is worthy and will do so. Tatiana’s playmates also need to get a better education. Your donation will help the young students, their parents, and a community working to build a better future for their young people. As Lisa quotes me, “We CAN do this!”

Final Report for the AGB Scholarship Fund is February 1. Let’s proclaim our “Victory”!

See the last Post for guidelines on making a donation or contact me at for assistance.  Thanks to all the “Friends”.




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