Listen to the Children…

“If you need ANYTHING let me know like books or anything i will try to help it’s kinda hard because i’m only 9! But i love to help so let me know if you need anything!!!”   Lexie

Lexie, a 9 year old elementary music student and Pen Pal in Virginia, submitted a few comments this past week on my Blog. She and her classmates were introduced to the Learning Center students through our Pen Pal program. Apparently, she discovered how to add comments to the “Comments” section of the Blog and decided to correspond with me. Her message really touched my heart. She is the youngest person to send me such a note and her message is a powerful reminder of the spirit behind this project. Lexie also wrote; “I will try to donate i am only 9!!! But i love doing this type of stuff“.

I answered Lexie’s note and promised to let the students at the Learning Center know how much she wants to help and I promised to find her a personal friend in the Learning Center to correspond with her when the Learning Center reopens in February. Also, I plan to donate funds to the AGB Scholarship Fund on behalf of Lexie so she can actually experience supporting a student (hopefully her new friend).

Remember my words…2016 is going to be one unbelievable year with bold things happening. I invite you to be a part of it!

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund

We have about two more weeks to complete the campaign for the Anne G. BroadyzzzSpelling Bee winners

Scholarship Fund. Previous donor “Friends” are asked to continue supporting this scholarship fund and new “Friends” are invited to join in. Getting as many children into the Learning Center as possible is our sole purpose for the scholarships. All the other things we do as “Friends” will not matter as much if the children are not enrolled and attending classes. We are making progress towards our Goal.

Goal = $1,500    *Donations Received = $600     Balance =$900

Executive Director Position

Our 2nd fundraising campaign is also showing progress. It is essential to continue funding the only paid position for the Learning Center. Special projects are underway including a new Learning Center facility we hope will be ready in time for opening day in February. The town’s government and its citizens are willing to invest property and resources to help the Learning Center because of the progress of the Learning Center and its positive appearance of stability and continuity.  zzztree planting.1

Angela is part of the community and very experienced. She has her BA in International Affairs from Juniata College, in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania and very close to completing her Masters. She has taught English in China, in Ecuador, and taught in the public high school in Copey during 2010-2012 as a Peace Corps volunteer. Before returning to Copey to assume the leadership at the Learning Center in 2015, she worked in the country’s capital, San Jose as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader and in Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Education’s National Headquarters.

As I am completing my first year of experience working with Angela, I can attest to her devotion and commitment to the Learning Center. She is very involved with Emory & Henry College staff in preparation for the arrival of E&H College student volunteers going to work at the Learning Center later in the spring. She is helping get two of her students prepared to travel and study at E&H College in the summer. These are just examples of the projects we all are looking forward to in 2016 and Angela is key to this success.

“Friends” is committed to cover about 40% of the total salary. Anyone inclined to support this campaign is invited to do so. Any amount is welcomed!

Executive Director Position

Goal= $2,000    *Donations Received= $300.00       Balance=$1,700

Other News

Angela reports the return of both volunteers (Markki and Marguerite) in February who Volunteers

worked at the Learning Center during the last half of 2015. This is really great news! This is another sign of continuity and consistency for the Learning Center. The students and the community will benefit and the start up in February is expected to be picking up where things were in November. . Welcome Back!

The Copey community spent the weekend doing their own fundraising activities. With the very low income levels in Copey and being in a remote location, raising money among themselves and from nearby communities is a very difficult task. However, the community makes every effort to do all it can to help itself. They appreciate “Friends” being willing to support them.

“Friends” is on the verge of significant achievements!  Thanks to All….




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  1. Good morning everyone. Dave and I have made our donation this morning. Please spread the word that if we can get one donation from a “new Friend” before Sunday, I will contribute $100.00 more. We are snowed in here in VA, so I am missing my students. Looking at the photographs of our friends in Copey warms my heart. Enjoy your day. Lisa B.

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