One Good Thing…Can Become Two!

“Mountaintops are for views and inspiration, but fruit is grown in the valleys.”  by Billy Graham

Sometimes writing a Post gets in the way of living and there are times when living gets in the way of writing Posts. This week I am currently hanging out in east Tennessee. I am visiting grand-kids and later this week, I will be working at my college in Virginia doing Board of Trustee’s business.

No matter where I am, things are always going on at the Learning Center. I have had some very good feedback on last week’s Post highlighting the K-Kids and their Pen Pal letter. Needless to say, we are all excited about the future of this new relationship being developed among kids from two different countries/cultures.

LC Response letter

This week, I am sharing the recent Pen Pal letter sent to the K-Kids from the Learning Center. Please read carefully both the typed and handwritten comments provided in the students’ letter. The kids express the same interest and excitement conveyed in the K-Kids letter from last week. During the weekly K-Kids meeting last week, I spent time-sharing additional information about the Learning Center.

We all are trying to work out schedules and logistics so we can do a face to face session with the use of Skype technology. It will be a fun time when these students from both countries start to talk with each other and learn more about life in another place.The teachers involved will also join in on the fun. We anticipate the session will take place in the next week or two following my return home. Some of our plans will need to be rushed a little so we can spend time together before the school year ends around the 20th of November. The Learning Center will be off for the summer until February. So in February, we expect to have a very exciting program ready to go that will involve both groups of kids for the balance of the school year. Stay tuned as this progresses. Also, there could be additional Pen Pals getting involved.

Also, comments were received on the success of the “Spelling Bee” students. We are so proud of both Mariana and Fatima for competing in the Regionals. Keep working hard and learning to spell those words. We encourage you to make it to the National Finals next year. For the rest of the Learning Center students, get busy because you too can make it to the top.

More News! 

You recall several weeks ago we took the action to help the Learning Center upgrade its photography capabilities. Our financial support will be used to obtain a new tablet for the Learning Center. The new tablet should arrive any day now at the Learning Center and we expect some very high quality pictures soon. MANY thanks for helping support this small project.


Yes, I know many or maybe even most of you have little interest in car racing. I have not always been a fan. BUT this is getting very exciting. Last Sunday’s race at Talladega could have eliminated Jeff Gordon and brought the end to his career.

Jeff Gordon

As you should have heard, he is retiring at the end of this season. He won the Pole or starting position, raced out front during much of the race, and had a chance of finishing in 1st Place. Jeff raced his heart out, sometimes driving over 200 mph, and he looked like the old Jeff racing with the passion to win. However, a wreck on the final laps (not involving Jeff) brought an early end to the race and Jeff finished in 4th. The finished was good enough to place him among the final eight eligible drivers for the Championship. Go #24!!!!

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  1. Love the letter, and I am working with my students to get our letter out early next week. This reminded me of the letters that my students sent from High Point Elementary in Bristol, VA. I love my students this year, and I miss my students at HP. I know they are missing the pen pal experience. Best, Lisa Baldwin

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