“Do Small Things With Great Love!”

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.  By Mother Teresa

Many thanks to you all for helping make last week a very high volume week for visits to the Post. I am very certain we will hit the new high of  6,000 hits before October is over. You might remember that it was in the July 5, 2015 Post when we celebrated hitting 5,000.  Due to several of the pending initiatives under development, we will probably see 7,000 before the end of the year. For the trivia folks, we are expected to match last year’s total hits before the end of October. “Friends of Copey” is alive and well.

The initiatives I have been hinting about are real and I can only predict they will be very exciting for us and the Learning Center. Sufficient time has passed with “Friends” to convince others that we are a very committed and devoted group working to support the efforts of the Copey community.

Mother Teresa
Studying Mother Teresa

Conversely, we have also witnessed the sincerity and commitment the community has for improving the educational opportunities for its children. Children are benefitting and we are playing a key role in this effort.

Part of my joy each week comes in the form of reports from Angela and photos of young students learning about the world “in English” and experiencing positive influences regarding the values of learning. I consider it my duty to pass on the good news and to keep all “Friends” informed as best as possible. Can you possibly imagine what it must feel like to be a student/parent in a remote part of the world knowing that somewhere out there in the world, mostly America, there are people who are interested in them?

CLC Photo OctA student enrolled in the Learning Center or a parent from the Copey community can open this Post each week and see in living color photos and read news of their accomplishments along with the rest of the world.

Picture Mother TeresaYes, this news goes around the world. In September alone, this Blog had visits from Brazil, Uzbekistan, United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium, Ecuador, Grenada, Indonesia and of course from Costa Rica and the United States.

Just in the first 4 days of October, return visits to the Blog have come from Italy, Uruguay, India, and Germany. Frankly, I do not sit around trying to figure out why we have these countries frequently visiting the Blog. Unfortunately, these frequent visits seldom include any direct/personal contact with me from these countries. Regardless, the news is being seen around the world.

Do you know any other “rural” school or student getting this type of exposure? “Friends of Copey” is different and how it may be causing a difference in Copey and other parts of the world is yet to be determined.

For the record, I received numerous positive comments about Louis Armstrong and found some “Friends” surprised that students in Copey were studying Rosa Parks. Hopefully, our US students are also learning about Rosa Parks’ courage.


It has been noticed that I have not been reporting on my NASCAR driver, Jeff Gordon.

049Frankly, I just needed a short break from my growing obsession and disappointment with his performance in this his final year of racing. He has not won a race all year and we are now in the phase of the season where each race and the position your driver is in at the end of race determines the final drivers eligible for the Championship. The total count of eligible drivers is now reduced to 12 and Jeff is in the number 10 position. The next couple weeks will determine his fate regarding his ongoing eligibility. He may still have a chance to redeem his fairly disappointing season. Go #24!

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