And I Think To Myself…..

“I do the very best I can to look upon life with optimism and hope and looking forward to a better day…”   by Rosa Parks

Costa Rica’s Independence Day is celebrated on September 15th each year. I almost forgot to mention it. This date commemorates the independence of the entire Central America from Spain which took place in 1821. In Costa Rica the celebration includes much excitement and cheerfulness.

Independence Day CR

The raising of the National Flag, singing the National Anthem, parades, singing, and dancing in the streets are part of the annual celebration. At precisely 6:00pm on the 14th, the national radio and TV stations broadcast the Costa Rican National Anthem and the entire country sings together in a spirit of patriotism. Then begins the parades along with other activities of celebration that last through the 15th.  Being a National Holiday, not much goes on inside classrooms while the celebration is underway.

In the Learning Center, the students have been very busy in a variety of educational activities. Recently, the older students have been working on developing documents that could be considered biographies. They are learning to read and write information about themselves in English. This is a significant activity that will prove useful as the students move towards higher education or employment.

Students do BIOsAs we have indicated many times in this Blog, students are at the Learning Center to learn English and this goal is helped by teaching students about many relevant subjects including the environment. It may be said that all learning at the Learning Center is at least a two purpose objective. (Tip: Put your cursor on the photo and click to enlarge. You can read the students’ posters easily!)

Many of the younger students are busy learning numbers and this past week it has been “ordinal” numbers. You remember what “ordinal” numbers are…RIGHT?  Perhaps those of you who are not current or retired teachers may have to do a little research to catch up on what these young students are busy learning.

Students Learning their numbersHaving once taught elementary school, I vaguely recalled the term “ordinal” numbers but I had to double-check the term myself. Suffice to say, these students are really doing some special things and we continue to encourage each of them.

Also, students have been (Advanced 2nd and 3rd Graders) studying historical figures.  So far, this has included Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, and Mother Teresa. The overall objective is to instill in the students those great qualities these three people shared;  justice, leadership, and perseverance.

Rosa Parks
Rosa Parks

According to our volunteer teacher, Marguerite, a student was asked after reviewing Rosa Parks, “What makes a good leader”?, the student responded with…respect and courage

As the young students learn about justice, leadership, and perseverance during their studies, hopefully they will also learn one more important fact. Rosa Parks just decided one day to “do something” different! This something created a ripple and the ripple caused a tidal wave that changed history.

“Friends of Copey” is in the ripple business…we are doing something…and sometimes we even take the first step. Surely, Rosa Parks would be the first to tell us…a ripple can make a BIG difference.

I continue to be full of hope and enthusiasm for the wonderful work being done at the Learning Center. These pictures of students I share with you provide the look of happy students enjoying the opportunity to learn. This alone should be more than enough motivation for us to care and to be actively involved.

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    1. Always refreshing to know that we are on the right track. By the way, you can see the Catholic Church in the center of Copey on some of the photos I use. I am sure he would approve of our work.

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