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I enjoy very much the constant and positive feedback I get from several of my “Friends”. Some comments are submitted on the Blog itself and other comments come to me as personal emails. You are invited to click on the “Comments” section of the Blog to see if your note has been published or if you just want to see what others are saying. Your comments are very inspirational and I am especially happy to have the comments pertaining to my grandchildren’s academic and athletic progress. I am very proud of them of course and I appreciate the opportunity to share this will all.

One of my reasons for sharing my good news is to draw attention to the equally good news at the Learning Center. I want to make the point that children ANYWHERE can do exceptionally well when supportive adults show an interest, provide consistent encouragement to children, and help children set high personal achievement goals. Stated another way, we can be very instrumental in helping each child become the best they can be. As you know, part of my community service time is devoted to the Kiwanis organization.


Kiwanis is international and consists of thousands of volunteers and community supporters who help children all over the world. This year is Kiwanis’ 100 year anniversary and we look forward to another century of community service and success. I strongly encourage all adults to consider Kiwanis as an organization to join or to support in your community. Our local club’s membership is growing and recently we added several new local high school graduates (next stop for them is college) to our membership rolls. We have great plans for them since they are tomorrow’s leaders and are already ahead of the game in the social media arena. An area we can use lots of help.

“Friends of Copey” is very happy and proud to be a Kiwanis approved project. This approval was granted a few months ago and we look forward to an active and involved working relationship with my Kiwanis friends and associates all over.


The Learning Center is taking this week off for their annual mid- year break. The teaching staff was busy last week completing teaching objectives, testing, and conducting student evaluations to prepare student report cards.

zzzmid year presentationParents were invited to the Learning Center to hear student presentations and to bid farewell to those staff members whose volunteer time is now up. Staff believes the school year has been a real success up to this point in the school year. We share that same belief. On our end much has happened so far this year with the success of the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Funds raised. The donors have been informed of their scholarship student. We also conducted the special fund-raising campaign to help raise additional funds for administrative use. I am often reminded when I look at the photos I use for my Posts just how limited the teaching resources are at the Learning Center. For example, notice how the students have to huddle around to look at one lap top being used for information and instruction.

zzzmid year school photo

The question begs to be asked…Is there anything we can do to help with either another lap top or even I-Pads for the students? Most of us in the USA know and understand how important computers and even I-Pads have become in the classroom instruction process. A couple of years ago our Kiwanis Club assisted a local elementary school in obtaining about 25 I-Pads for one classroom. The students’ use of these I-Pads have been credited for the significant increase in recent improvements in learning and student test scores among those students who used the I-Pads.

zzzlap top

As they say, one picture is worth a thousand words. I believe these photos help reveal how important we are even though our support is fairly limited. I believe it continues to be important to point out the significant hardship families face living in a remote location in a country such as Costa Rica. The local economy is very limited. Outside availability of needed resources are also mostly unavailable to support a viable and sustainable educational program. Let’s keep open our thoughts about this situation involving these lack of resources. Let’s share any thoughts, views, or ideas you may have. Perhaps even the Kiwanis family worldwide could take notice and support such a worthy opportunity to serve some really great children of the world.


The next Post will be one of celebration. Not only will we celebrate the 4th of July here in the USA…it will also represent yet another major milestone for “Friends”. Stay tuned and thanks for your support.


Ms. Betty Jean (Hayes) Ganaway recently passed away. She resided in Virginia and has been a friend of mine even as far back as elementary school. She was much older than me. Being her brother’s (Carlos) very close friend and classmate since elementary school, she always took an interest in me just like a brother. All through the years we stayed connected and during my travels back to Virginia last summer, she and I had an enjoyable visit. Visit my July 16th, 2014 Post title “Farewell Tours”. I referenced my visits with family and friends (including Betty Jean). I wrote then that we do not know what tomorrow will bring…it is not promised. I am so glad she and I had some time to visit and to part as long time friends. Her funeral was held yesterday and reports are the number in attendance was very large. She will be missed by many.

“But we will keep you close as always, it won’t even seem you are gone, ‘Cause our hearts in big and small ways, will keep the love that keeps us strong”.  Friends are Friends Forever…by Amy Grant

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