You must be the change….

 “You must be the change you wish to see in the world…”                                   by Mahatma Gandhi

The Learning Center has now been open one week and by all reports it has been a fantastic week. Small town Copey bustled with excitement as the young children showed up at the Learning Center full of excitement and high expectations. They came through the doors ready to learn and meet their new volunteer teachers. They also met the new Executive Director, Angela Tribus Ramos, who represents a significant change in the direction and future of the Learning Center.

Upcoming Posts will highlight the new volunteer teachers and the extraordinary service of volunteerism they provide in areas of great need.

Now, I would like to introduce Angela to all the “Friends of Copey”.

Angela with students
Angela with students

Angela grew up in Shohola, Pennsylvania and received her BA in International Affairs from Juniata College, in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Angela taught English in China and in Ecuador. She also taught in the public high school in Copey during 2010-2012 as a Peace Corps volunteer. Since 2012, she has worked in the country’s capital, San Jose as a Peace Corps Volunteer Leader and in Costa Rica’s Ministry of Public Education’s National Headquarters. Angela recently married and is now a full time resident of Copey.

More information about Angela’s credentials will be shared in the future but now it is obvious why the Board of Directors of the Learning Center decided this year to take a major step forward in building and developing the Learning Center with Angela in the lead.

The “Friends of Copey” strongly agrees with the decision of the Board and appreciates the Board’s confidence in us “Friends” to help make their decision a success. It is the most serious challenge we have taken on since “Friends” started in December 2013.

We can do this!!!  “Friends” living nearby me are finalizing the last details of our local fund-raiser being scheduled in March.

Currently, we have donations and commitments totaling $900.00 (up from last week) leaving $1,600.00 for us to raise to reach our goal of $2,500.00. We are making very good progress as we remind ourselves that fund raising is not the main purpose of our existence. We believe our greatest means of support comes from our prayers and our positive expectations (P&PE) for the Learning Center’s success. Those who offer their P&PE and share their time and talents (non-monetary) really keep the purpose and spirit of this project alive and amazing.

BUT…at times, some money is essential for the Learning Center to get better, to improve, and to reach more Copey students in need such as in the AGB Scholarship Fund. We are about 37% of our goal and want to be at 50% by March 1.

So if you are not planning to help financially, please pray that others will and expect positive results. We declared “Mission Accomplished” recently with the AGB Scholarship Fund and we will enjoy success again when we reach this goal. 

Now, for my NASCAR “Friends”, we are disappointed that Gordon and the #24 did not cross the finish line first in today’s Daytona 500. He did lead the most laps and put on an exciting race. He was in the top 10 when he got involved in a pile-up in the final lap. Next week, we will ride with Gordon in Atlanta. Jeff Gordon



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