Bring Down the Curtains….

This is a wonderful time of the year as we are now finished with the last of the turkey dinner and now getting ready for the next big events…Christmas and New Year. There are other events we want to celebrate but we have to wait a few days until we get the info from Copey.

First, earlier last week the school year ended with much fanfare and fireworks.


I am waiting for pictures of the school closing and will share with you as soon as I receive them. Many of the students finishing up the school year were recipients of the Anne G. Broady Scholarships. We are very proud of them for getting through the school year successfully.

Then, the week ended with the Learning Center’s ballerina students participating in The Nutcracker at the National Theater in San Jose, Costa Rica.  Ballet_Audition 1

As of this Post, I do not have much on the performance to report but will share news and any photos in a second Post this week as soon as I have something.

Although we are bringing the curtains down on a very successful and exciting school year in Copey and the Learning Center, serious work will continue for the “Friends of Copey”. We have several inquiries to respond to from different groups expressing interests in Pen Pal programs.


In a couple of weeks, we will initiate our 2nd Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Drive. There is one and possibly two developing opportunities to set up a pathway for graduating students in Copey to attend a US college, plus more educational activities in the works. Finally, we plan to assist the Learning Center in raising some of the funds needed to hire a staff member to head up the Learning Center in 2015.

In short, the Learning Center’s summer break is for the students to enjoy while the “Friends of Copey” will stay very busy finding ways to support the Center’s mission.


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