Happy Thanksgiving to all the Friends of Copey

Last evening as I was flying into Las Vegas, I had a very rare vision. It started with the Captain announcing to the passengers that he enjoyed serving us and hoped we will fly again on his airline. This was followed up with the announcement that we should prepare for arrival as we are now descending into our approach to land. I looked out of the window and saw very few lights at first. Waiting patiently, I soon began to see the wonderful and unique skyline of Las Vegas at night. This could possibly be among the best views from the air.

Then it struck me. This is the story of the Learning Center and its relationship with the “Friends of Copey”.  I saw us flying together for the whole year and we are now preparing for arrival. As we look out of the window, we can see a few lights and as we get closer to Copey and the end of the school year, we begin to see the glittering lights in Copey get brighter and more brilliant. The community is filled with excitement.

We are about to land and it has been truly one of the most exciting travels ever. Learning Center students will be completing school and much is going on with graduations and celebrations. This year’s end of school is even more spectacular to see. The talented ballerinas will be heading to San Jose immediately following graduation to perform on the “big” stage in the production of The Nutcracker. The students participating will be joined by their parents and a bus filled with community supporters will also be attending.

On this Thanksgiving Day, I am very grateful for the opportunity to fly along with the Learning Center this year. I am very appreciative to have so many “Friends” traveling along with me. I am honored that this small community in another country believes our interest in their children is sincere. Blessings are abundant.

The view from above is truly awesome and landing will be spectacular. Thank you for flying!

Happy Thanksgiving “Friends” and all.


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  1. Art, it has been a wonderful journey this year following you and your involvement with the Learning Center. Helping others always gives us joy. To whom much is given – much is required. We are lucky – we have been given much.

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