My True Confessions….

Okay….. I confess! I admit that I am totally into being a Blogger.  Some people are very passionate doing their Facebook,  being Twitters, or doing some other form of social media. For me it is having a Blog and issuing Posts. My next confession is that I would not be a Blogger if “Friends of Copey” did not exist. Blogging is not that easy to do and it is a real commitment of time and energy.  I confess that I am solidly passionate about our work as sincere supporters of the Learning Center.  And then I confess that I am overpaid…well you may be overpaid as well.  We are all “Friends of Copey” having a collective heart of a servant.  We see our rewards come in the form of smiles and sincere expressions of thanks and gratitude from students, teachers, and a community. Finally, I must confess that I have met some unbelievable people who likely would not have crossed my path if not for “Friends of Copey” and I am deeply appreciative for those of you who were friends and relatives before you joined “Friends of Copey”.

Paydays are so precious! There is satisfaction knowing we are like pioneers doing things in a unique fashion and having a possible life changing impact on young people who can use the help.  There is satisfaction also knowing we are having success.  “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you…..!  Confession is really good for the soul.

In a few weeks, I will be issuing a Post to summarize just how the year has gone. I want to remind you there is a section of my Blog that states the various areas we plan to work on to provide support to the Learning Center. It is located under Item 10 under FAQ. Most of our actions have been initiated and I plan to report on each. There are two key goals that have been slow to materialize and additional time and work is needed before we declare “Mission Accomplished”.  We are working on building important partnership as stated below.

Item 10 under Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ Excerpt)

  • Developing a coalition between a San Jose, Costa Rican Kiwanis Club and a local Kiwanis Club to establish an international Kiwanis effort to address the life conditions of children.
  • Establishing a partnership with a small Liberal Arts college to open the door of opportunity for college students to go to The Learning Center to fulfill their international teaching requirements, provide a site for missionary service, and encourage The Learning Center students to attend college.

Both of these goals were formulated in early 2013 and stated in the first publication of this Blog…”Friends of Copey” in December 2013. Although a great deal has been done and much has been accomplished, we still remain committed to developing a coalition and partnership with Kiwanis because we have mutual interests when it comes to the young people of our community and our world. I am equally convinced one or more Liberal Arts colleges and the Learning Center can be great partners. There will be much more to report on both of these initiatives over the next couple months.


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