Come On….It’s Time to Celebrate!!!!!

Well…maybe for the big time Bloggers this is no BIG deal.  But for me and for the “Friends of Copey”, it is worth celebrating. We just went over the 2,000 mark as far as visits to this Blog.  We started this Blog officially in December 2013 and to my surprise, we are still showing progress and promise.  This is proven to be an effective tool for communicating our work and progress with both you earlier followers and new followers who have taken more than a passing interest in this very unique educational project.  I say “Let’s Celebrate” and each of you even reading this Post now for the first time is contributing to the growth and progress of this Blog. As a new rookie with no experience as a Blogger, this is very challenging for me. I put myself out there each week for you to read my thoughts, experience my passions,  learn about my politics, and  judge me and the merits of our efforts to support this project.  Blogging is remarkable and to log in over 2,000 visits is worthy of some celebration.

I check on the number of visits to my Blog and the locations from where the Blog is being accessed each week.  I think most Bloggers get into the habit of tracking the visits and locations since this is almost the only means of seeing if there is any interest in what you are writing about. Most of my readers are from the USA and Canada. However, each new Post is consistently visited by readers in  countries such as Brazil, Portugal, Iceland, Spain, and Argentina. There are readers from other countries like Thailand, the Netherlands, and India but in smaller numbers.  I do not personally know anyone from these non USA countries. I think most Bloggers enjoy feedback and hearing from their readers. Communicate with me…!  It does not have to be a written comment on the Post.  An email is just as welcomed.  My readers from Brazil and other countries are extended a special invite to write. Just email me at  Most of all, I am just pleased and thankful that after almost nine months, this Blog continues to grow and many of the  original readers are hanging in there with the “Friends of Copey”.

In other good news, the Learning Center elected a new board of directors recently and the “Friends of Copey” wants to officially congratulate all the new officers and members. Congratulations to Ms. Lidiette Ulloa, the newly elected President. I will continue to work to build a positive relationship with the Board and find ways  to support and strengthen our partnership.New Board of Directors

The Board Members are young in appearance and I assume most are parents with young children attending the Learning Center. They represent their interest in their children and the interest of all the parents and children in their community. This is a very important job as they are fairly similar to the school board concept we are familiar with in the USA.  Though similar in some respects, very different in many other ways. The Learning Center is not a public school and there is no governmental obligation to fund or support its efforts.

This is a great time to remind you to look for Anne Lawrence’s book, Following My Tug…, and to check out her Blog and web site:

Anne Lawrence

You will learn much about the country of Costa Rica, the people, and what living in a small community is like through the eyes of Anne and husband Kevin, transplants from Canada.

Looking forward to sharing info about a variety of activities in the next Post as we commemorate Mom’s departure one year ago and take an in-depth look at what we have done so far and plan to do in the near future as “Friends of Copey”.



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