School Supplies Mission….Accomplished !

The key role of the “Friends of Copey” is to be a major source of encouragement for those in the small community of Copey, Costa Rica.  To date, this encouragement has been provided in numerous ways thru the support of a variety of people including so many of you reading this Post.

Over the past couple weeks, I reported there was a request for financial assistance to help purchase needed school supplies. Several of you replied by donating over $400.00.  We had some large donors and several small donors. The Learning Center is working on purchasing the supplies.

I extend my own personal thank you to all for reading my Posts, being connected, and responding to calls for help. Below is a special Thank You card sent to us by the staff and students from the Learning Center. This is a very special note of thanks since several of you AGB Scholarship supporters will recognize your student in the picture and perhaps even find his or her name on the card.


Also, I would like to point out a couple of things about the picture on the card.  First, the picture is taken in front of the small facility (also pictured above as our main headline photo) that is being donated to the Learning Center for its educational use.  Clearly, by USA standards and countless USA building regulations, such a facility would not be permitted for this use. In Copey, the facility is  Heaven on Earth for these students. Second point, the smiles on the faces of the students are priceless. They are happy students who enjoy attending the Learning Center, sharing time in a safe  learning environment with a loving and committed staff of volunteers, and return home to parents who care deeply about their future. I believe the expression of thanks coming from them is as real as it gets. If you are like me, you send money to many charities each year. Seldom if at all do you get a personalized note of thanks from those receiving your help.  Kids and staff, you all are “awesome”!

The Learning Center recently held elections for their Board for this coming year. We extend our congratulations and pledge our continuous support.  As we ponder the tremendous amount of global unrest and the reported devastation families and especially young kids are facing, life in Copey for young kids by comparison is a life of promise, possibility, and peace. Those young kids who are living in fear or involved in the global destruction are not learning what they should be learning.  As “Friends of Copey” we work to keep the light of promise, possibility, and peace alive, at least in one small community. My sincere thanks to all the followers and “Friends of Copey”.








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