Key “Friends of Copey”

At times I plan to highlight in this Blog some of the “Key Friends” of Copey.  These are supporters who step up and make a significant contribution of their talent or expertise to support our efforts with the Learning Center.

In January, I highlighted the wonderful and outstanding contribution made by Hailey Tibbett who volunteered to go to the Learning Center to work for three months.

Today, I am adding one more to the “Key Friends” list. Dr. Joe Thomas has been mentioned in the past a couple of times but I want everyone to know more about him and his involvement with the Learning Center.

You can find his story under the “Key Friends” tab on the Blog. Please read it and if you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to share them with us and the rest of the followers.

Before closing, I want to inform you that Hailey’s father Kevin has serious medical issues he and the family are confronting at this time.  Please join me in sharing our prayers and thoughts with the family at this time.  These are true “friends of Copey” and we wish them all well.



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