Happy New Year

I am hoping for all the very best year possible and I look forward to experiencing it with everyone through this Blog.

As the 2013 year is now behind us, I can assure you it was one for the ages for me. I had my fair share of blessings and great times and many of these will be shared with you over time.

Those close to me know I often refer to “divine intervention”. Does divine intervention happen to you as much as it seems to happen to me?  I plan to share several of the experiences I had as I traveled on this journey to support the Copey Learning Center.  I have stopped calling these chance encounters as mere coincidences.  These are episodes of “Divine Interventions”.

Early in this journey I met Hailey while I was selecting children’s books during a book sale at our local library. Hailey was curious about my interest in these children’s books. She was a recent graduate from Washington State University with a degree in education (elementary teacher).  Her life changed after this day at the library.  Divine intervention?  More to come!!!

Then there is my new friend Claudio who lives in San Jose, Costa Rica. He responded to several emails I sent as a call for assistance to some people in San Jose I never met.  Claudio is an amazing person, a native of Costa Rica, a United States Naval Academy graduate, and the brother of a past President of Costa Rica. Divine Intervention More to come!!!

There are more such encounters or divine interventions and I am eager to share them with you in future Blogs.  In the meantime, we have many projects underway and my job is to keep you informed of the progress we are making.

The hot item today is the official announcement of the startup of The Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund.  If you have any interest, please click on the Scholarship Fund page above for the details.


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