Thank You 2022…!

“Three keys to more abundant living; caring about others, daring for others, and sharing with others.” By William Arthur Ward

This Post recognizes several people who made 2022 a very special year by caring, daring, and sharing. This is how “Friends of Copey” (FOC) is defined. This past year involved many “Friends” who in 2022 contributed to a year full of memories. A few of these “Friends” are highlighted in this Post. Others will be highlighted in future Posts.

We can easily agree, “Friends” represents caring, daring, and sharing. My appreciation, respect, and endearment is extended to all. 

[Delta Sigma Theta Sorority  Washington state]

These “Friends” are located in more than fifteen states starting in Washington state and California, states in middle America, and extending all the way to Virginia, North and South Carolina, and Florida. “Friends” exist in Canada and Costa Rica.                            

“Friends” have a unique relationship with this FOC project. Some may be just simply interested in our project. Others

 [Dave Haney/Lisa Baldwin Ohio] 

 are more active volunteers. And, there are “Friends” who are consistent and devoted financial donors.

[Charles Jones Texas]

Friends of Copey is also supported by several organizations.This includes Kiwanis, Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, and the Dominecher Fraternity.

And, there is an extraordinary level of support provided by Emory & Henry College in Virginia where staff, faculty, and students were actively engaged.

  [Cyndy Sharer Washington state]

In 2022, many of the usual suspects and several new “Friends” showed up…with amazing results.

We had our faithful supporters; Dr. Celeste Gaia, Dr. Ed Davis, Monica Hoel, and Jane Rutledge. Newer volunteers included Genna McFarlan, Emma Terry, and Dr. Shelley Koch.

[Dr. Celeste Gaia Emory & Henry College, VA]

Without “Friends”, 2022 and the previous eight years of success would not exist.

  [Dr. Ed Davis Emory & Henry College, VA]

I am building a gallery of photos showing more of the “Friends” who helped us complete the 2022 year. You can look forward to the next Post to see if you show up. 

News Flash…!

Monica Hoel is back home from her trip to Copey. She enjoyed her reunion with many of the Copey students who had traveled to Emory & Henry College under the Pathway Project since 2016. 

[Monica Hoel Emory & Henry College, VA]

Monica visited with our dear friends Cindy and Larry Windes and Ana Yancy (prior ED of the Copey Learning Center)

Monica travelled to Copey bearing gifts. She donated numerous books and learning material to the Copey Learning Center.

[Monica, Cindy and Larry Windes, and Ana Yancy]

She also met the 2023 Pathway Project students scheduled to travel to the United States in June.

Catalina, the Chairwoman of the Copey Learning Center’s Board and the Pathway Project students’ Chaperone during the 2019 and 2022 trips to the US, hosted Monica during her visit to Costa Rica.

We will request Monica to share some of her precious photos and memories of her Copey visit in our next Post. 

Final Comment…!

Where is Jane Rutledge? This time last year she was preparing for her fourth semester volunteering as an online Dream Team teacher for the Copey Learning Center.

Not this time around.

Today, Jane is teaching in a remote location in Alaska, Point Lay.

With a population under 200 people, Point Lay’s economy is primarily based on subsistence hunting, fishing, and whaling with seventy-eight percent of the workers employed by the public sector. Jane is always challenging herself and those who benefit the most are her students whether in Copey or in remote Alaska.

You can look forward to reading more about Jane, this amazing “Friend of Copey” and now Point Lay, over the next few weeks. Let’s all wish her well!









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