Memorial Day…Remembered!

“These fallen heroes represent the character of a nation who has a long history of patriotism and honor – and a nation who has fought many battles to keep our country free.”  By Michael Castle

Observing Memorial Day today!

This past Saturday I had the honor of attending my second oldest grandson’s high school graduation in Las Vegas. He graduated with honors and is headed to the University of Nevada where his older brother is scheduled to complete his undergraduate degree in the Fall.

Now, I am in Philadelphia attending a conference before heading to Virginia and Tennessee. In fact, I am trying to squeeze a little time during today’s busy schedule to complete this Post. I took a shortcut and reposted my 2018 Memorial Day message. I will continue to honor my high school friends who served and died.  4th of July

“This Memorial Day Weekend, again as is my custom, I pay my respects and salute those close friends of mine who died while serving our country. My high school friends included Danny Watkins from Meadowview, Virginia; Michael Charles and Kenneth Delaney from Bristol, Virginia; and Frank Campbell from Chilhowie, Virginia.

There were several others who also died while in service. I have added Curtis “Duck” Montgomery, a World War II veteran and my long time friend who passed away two years ago at 101 years of age. And, this is a special time to remember my cousin “Marty” Clark who passed away on Memorial Day in 2016. All of these were great folks who deserve to be remembered each and every Memorial Day.”

2019 Pathway Project

The Goal:  $5,600.00   Actual Income=$3,172.00    Deadline:  June 5, 2019

Last week, I projected we would reach at least 50% of our goal by this week’s Post. I was almost right. We made it to 48.8% and then something very significant happened. Airline tickets were purchased at a much lower price compared to last year.  SAVINGS!

Now we can safely reduce our goal by $900.00. The new goal is $5,600.00. putting us at 57% of our new goal. There are no more major savings to count on so we are down to two weeks to raise the funds we still need.

We can do this! The students are scheduled to depart Costa Rica on June 10th and all systems are “Go”. The students are very excited along with the Moms and Dads. The “Welcome Party” in Washington, DC is committed and in place. And, the “Reception” is shaping up to be a lot of fun. Invitations are out and if you did not get one, you are still invited. We use the invite system to help plan for the food…not to exclude anyone. Please join in and be a part of this one way or another. Never, ever forget the motto “Friends of Copey” has preached for years now. “Doing even a little matters….!”Donation Guidelines

Final Comments…!

Last week I had to the pleasure to skype with Ana Yancy at the Copey Learning Center and speak with Emory & Henry College (EH College) students, Megan and Madeline. My respect and enthusiasm for the college students who volunteer to go to Copey grows each year. These young students are excited, positive, and even courageous. They hit the ground running when they arrive in Copey and quickly making a positive difference. Sure, this all looks easy…but it is not. When was the last time you immersed yourself 100% into a totally different culture with people you never met?Megan and Madeline

Food, housing, climate, language and the distance all together can seriously challenge your life’s emotional and physical comforts. Misery can hit you very quickly!

While conversing with both Megan and Madeline, they are certainly not miserable. I realized how much my college attracts and educates very special people. I am filled with pride and appreciation knowing they selected Copey to go to. They want to be there. They want to experience the tough challenges that will give back to them as much as they are giving away.

Both Megan and Madeline plan to attend the “Reception” and we all should welcome them back home. And, we should carefully listen to their side of the experience. Copey is known for changing people’s hearts and minds. I can hardly wait to see them in person, to thank them, and to be reminded how wonderful the Pathway Project is for all of us involved.

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  1. Excellent news! Thanks, Scrapper. I look forward to the visit by Copey folks to Emory! Maybe I will see you too!

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