“Good News Makers…Friends!”

“Everyone has inside of him/her a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is! ”     By Anne Frank

What a wonderful Monday! Two very good news announcements make up this week’s Post.

“Pathway Project for 2018”

Each of our “Pathway Project” objectives were met this year including meeting our financial objectives. I have provided news of our program successes over the past several weeks with photos included and today I am reporting on the donations and expense results.

Recall, we originally set our fundraising goal at $6,500.00 and during the final couple of weeks of the campaign the goal was adjusted down to $6,200.00. A few of the planned expenses were Tracking 12replaced with “in-kind” services. The total amount of donations received was $6,180.00 and the total expenses amounted to $5,907.72. This left $272.28 in unspent funds which is being held over for the “Pathway Project for 2019”.

The average total cost per each of the four guests is $1,476.93. It is significant to note the airfare portion made up 75% of the cost for each guest. The 25% balance ($372.00) covered three nights of hotel lodging, numerous meals, recreational/site-seeing activities, and some miscellaneous expenses (times 4) during their two-week visit. Hopefully, you will appreciate the benefit and use of the donations provided in support of this project.

The Other Half Of The Story

This year we began tracking better the level of “in-kind” support provided to the “Pathway Project”. The final report is not complete but there is sufficient evidence to seeemory 34 the enormous benefit resulting from this form of support.

To date we have documented 15 “Friends” who have donated their time hosting the guests. One “Friend” volunteered to greet the four guests upon their arrival in Washington, DC, transport them to their hotel, to dinner, and site-seeing. Another “Friend” spent over 12 hours driving to pick up and return the guests to the college while stopping along the way for site-seeing activities. Upon arriving on campus, a different “Friend” opened her home to provide the guests a comfortable place to stay for one week. Another “Friend” covered the full cost of the catered “Reception”…and other “Friends” shared time taking them shopping, to lunches and dinners, and participated in various recreational events/activities and often paying the way. This is an extensive list of “in-kind” support that should not be overlooked.Good News

This “in-kind” service report also includes the support our partners provide. The accounting service provided by Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis Foundation (WA) was donated and critical to our project. Then, there are many hours and financial support provided by Emory & Henry College providing the opportunity for our guests to participate in the Summer Scholars and Leadership Program.

It is very difficult to put an accurate dollar figure on the overall value of the “in-kind” support but we project the potential value is significant and necessary. Both the financial support obtained from the “fundraising” efforts and the “in-kind” support combined to make this the tremendous success it has become.

Huge Donation Provided

The second announcement pertains to a large shipment of E&H College articles arrivingEmory group9

in Costa Rica. This shipment contains a major supply of E&H College clothing items donated to the Copey Learning Center and the community. More information on this shipment will be forthcoming but in the meantime, we are excited to have a major E&H College benefactor demonstrating a strong interest in the Copey Learning Center.

We continue to see the footprint of our college grow bigger because of the increasing awareness and support for the mission of the Copey Learning Center. We are optimistic and believe there are several opportunities to build the relationship between Emory & Henry College and the Copey community. The yearly “Pathway Project” helps build the educational relationship between students and the college.

Do we dare dream of a Copey  Learning Center student becoming an Emory & Henry enrolled student some day? As Anne Frank stated… “You don’t know…What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”  

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  1. how amazing is this? Thanks to all our friends for their money, their time and their dedication, is impressive how a group of friends together can make this possible!

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