The State of the “Friends” Address…

We have come a long way in a short time. Today we have “friends” following the Blog from at least 5 states and 3 countries.  Also, we have recorded over 800 visits to the Blog site during our brief existence.  At this pace, we will record over 1,000 visits to the Blog in a couple weeks.

The Learning Center is looking ahead with much optimism with a much larger enrollment this year and high expectations for a successful year.  We share the Learning Center’s optimistic future. There are a number of exciting developments on the horizon and this Blog will keep us all informed and engaged.

The “Friends of Copey” is a phenomenal project.  Remember, we provided our support using multiple approaches.  “Friends” have accounted for a volunteer teacher, delivered children’ s books, supported scholarships, and even had students in a USA school communicating with students in the Learning Center.

Please share the news of the Blog with family and friends.  It is now so easy to do. Friends of Copey is all you need to tell others to look for on line.  There is no cost or commitment to be a follower.

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