Just Say Amen..!

“If you said [Amen] on Sunday…you must walk in [Faith] on Monday!”                                    Author Unknown

We have had our string of continuous “good news” during January and this final Post for this month will not be an exception. “Good News” keeps on coming!

The Scholarship Campaign   (Achieved)

Anne G. Broady SF   Goal:  $1,500.00    Actual: $1,750.00     Deadline: January 26, 2018

Our goal has been achieved! In fact, we have some extra funds to work with. The Learning Center is busy selecting the scholarship recipients for 2018.

The ED Salary Support Campaign

ED Salary Support    Goal: $2,500.00       Actual: $1,900.00        Deadline: April 9, 2018

BIG News! Today, we are reporting our ED Salary Support is very close to being achieved as well. The funds reported today reflect what has been received to date and a portion of what we are certain is on the way. We predict this will be officially achieved in the next few days.

This is really BIG News because we are more than two months ahead of schedule. Translated…”Friends” has responded with donations sooner and with greater generosity than in previous years. BalloonsThank You…!

Meadow Elementary School Update

Some “Friends” commented on last week’s Post about our new partners, the Meadow Elementary School in Lehi, Utah. The comments were very positive and I assure everyone that “Friends” is capable of being partners with others anywhere in the world.  Meadow-Elementary

The school is busy gathering school supplies for the Learning Center. We do not know at this hour how much supplies will be donated but any amount is useful and certainly appreciated.

Remember…this is a month of “Good News!”

Some “Friends” may ask about our plans for delivering the supplies to Copey? Granted…it is a major challenge to ship supplies to Copey. BUT…Meadow Elementary School has the answer.

The school’s Principal, Carolyn Johnson along with Tamarie McMullin, plan to deliver

carolyn Johnson

Carolyn Johnson, Leadership in Action

the school supplies in person. Yes…! They are working on their passports now and making arrangements to travel to Costa Rica in March for the purpose of delivering the goods and spending time volunteering at the Learning Center.

They will be the third source of USA educational representatives (“Friends”) to journey to the Learning Center…our “Friends” Jane and Hailey Tibbett being the first professionals. Of course, we have had three college students who have also traveled to Copey to volunteer.

We delight in others seeing first-hand the Learning Center at work and even volunteering some of their time. “Friends” has many followers who are both active and retired educational professionals around this country and all are invited to visit Copey.

The Copey community has been informed of their future visitors and are getting the red carpet ready to be rolled out again.

Keep following the upcoming Posts as I continue to report on this astounding story. If for some reason you still doubt “divine intervention”, please call me.

Final Words…!

There is more “good news” developing and February promises to be another month worth watching. The Learning Center opens in a few days and we will be off running for another unbelievable school year. The next Post will probably be issued later this week prior to me departing town for a few days.

Can I get an AMEN?


A Heart Needs a Friend…!

“Friends… they cherish one another’s hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams.”    By Henry David Thoreau

The year of 2018 is already on record as being the most exciting and enthusiastic January start since we began “Friends of Copey” in late 2013.

Consider, our fundraising campaigns are producing results well ahead of schedule as we are moving closer to our goals. For example, three years ago we initiated our funding support for the Executive Director’s salary and it required three months and a large “parking lot sale” before the goal was reached. We are on track to have this goal reached in February. Amazing progress and I extend my heartfelt thanks!

The Scholarship Campaign   

Anne G. Broady SF   Goal:  $1,500.00    Actual: $1,325.00     Deadline: January 26, 2018

No doubt, this goal will be reached by the end of this week on schedule. Several donors have reported their intentions to make a donation and we trust this will happen soon. Keep in mind, the goal is the minimum we request and if we overshoot the goal, the extra funds will still be utilized to help additional students in need.

The ED Salary Support Campaign

ED Salary Support    Goal: $2,500.00       Actual: $1,200.00        Deadline: April 9, 2018

Mentioned earlier, we are tracking to achieve this goal much earlier than the deadline. Very reassuring to know “Friends” are recognizing with their donations the value and importance of having a strong leader/manager responsible for the daily operation of the Learning Center.

Guidelines for Making a Donation Included Below.

More Exciting News

How many “Friends” know or heard of Lehi, Utah? I had never heard of the town and certainly not aware of Meadow Elementary School. But, this has all changed.


Meadow Elementary School

Always be kind to those seated next to you on airplanes. Never know whom you may meet.

Long time “Friends” and followers of this Post may recall my stories about Makayla Hilt in April 2016 and then Dallas Gillison in November 2016. Both were Emory & Henry College students I met at different times on flights from Atlanta to Tri-Cities, Tennessee. It was a joy to spend time with these students and hear how positive they were about their experiences as students. They both made the time unforgettable and furthered my sense of pride for the college. Flying can be very productive and can bring together people with much to share. Purely coincidental…or “divine intervention”?   

Now, while traveling last October to Tri-Cities, Tennessee, I was seated next to Tamarie on the flight from Salt Lake to Atlanta. She was one of several staff and faculty members from Meadow Elementary School on-board heading to Atlanta to attend a conference. We spoke about the movie “Hidden Figures” and I learned her school was very familiar with Aunt Katherine’s story and about NASA. Meadows elementary 2Meadow Elementary School Principal, Carolyn Johnson had encouraged staff to see the movie.

Tamarie and I later moved on to discussing “Friends of Copey” and the Copey Learning Center. By the time we reached Atlanta, we agreed to look into “Friends” and the possibility of beginning a “Pen Pal” relationship with the school. Much more has happened since.

Last week, Meadow Elementary School kicked-off a project to collect school supplies and materials for the Copey Learning Center.

Meadows Elementary 1.JPG

Unity Assembly at Meadow Elementary School

Tamarie reported Meadow Elementary School has a “House System” where all students are members of one of several houses.  These houses represent values including courage, respect, friendship, integrity, loyalty, tenacity, responsibility, and strength. Every month, they assemble as a school, bringing all of the houses together in unity.

The value this month is “responsibility”.  The students are learning they have the responsibility to help themselves and those around them. “Friends” will continue to report over the next several weeks on the progress of the collection of school supplies and other stories relating to this developing relationship. We are anticipating more exciting news from Meadow Elementary School to share next week. It may involve their PTA President!

Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis of Richland, Washington

One more event of extreme significance is the recent approval from my Kiwanis Club toPartnership slide. 1 assist us in this year’s “Pathway Project”. As last year, TCI Kiwanis provided excellent accounting support for the project allowing for the complete and accurate fiscal management of the revenue and expenditures associated with the “Pathway Project”. I thank all of my TCI Kiwanis supporters for agreeing to continue this unique partnership with “Friends”, E&H College, and the Copey Learning Center. Soon, we will start highlighting the students who have been selected to travel in June.

Donation Guidelines

To make a donation in any amount you desire to the AGB Scholarship Fund or the ED Position or both…we have the same two methods of payment as in the previous years:

  1. The Learning Center’s PayPal can be used to make donations directly. Please access their PayPal system by clicking on…http://copeylearningcenter.org/. Locate the PayPal logo in the upper right hand corner of the homepage. To make certain the Learning Center recognizes your donation and how it should be applied, indicate in the comment section that the donation supports the “AGBSF” or the “EDF” (Executive Director Fund).
  2. The alternate method available is by sending your donation directly to me by check. MAKE the check out to me, Arthur T. Broady and not to “Friends of Copey”…PLEASE! There is no local “Friends of Copey” bank account. Once received, I will then deposit the funds into my account and pay the Learning Center directly using the same Learning Center PayPal system as in Method #1. Your name as the donor is entered and is designated where it is to be applied per your directions. The PayPal system will issue me a receipt which I then send to you as “proof” or “confirmation” the donation has been submitted to the Learning Center in your name. Send your check/donation to:

Arthur T. Broady, 725 N. Center Parkway, Apt. N-201, Kennewick, WA 99336   or                           Phone: 1-509-783-5897 if you have questions.


Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

“I have the audacity to believe that peoples everywhere can have three meals a day for their bodies, education and culture for their minds, and dignity, equality, and freedom for their spirits.”  By Dr. Martin L. King, Jr.

I am observing the Dr. Martin L. King, Jr. holiday and soon, on April 4th, we will observe the 50th Anniversary of MLK, Jr’s. assassination. Certainly, many “Friends” of this Blog recall the times we lived in during the 60’s and before and we remember with clarity the first news of Dr. King’s assassination. For me, the day, time, and place where I heard the news remains as familiar as my memory of President Kennedy’s assassination.

What I knew and understood about Dr. King on April 4th, 1968, was very little in comparison to my knowledge and understanding today. Not only has my knowledge grown, but my recognition of the ways my life improved has grown. After 50 years, I continue to pay honor to his life and his conviction to change our country for the better. Many will be reminded today about some of Dr. King’s achievements, but I suggest we consider a more deliberate and more current approach to honoring Dr. King. MLK Jr. Book

I recommend reading a book titled “What Would Martin Say?” co-authored by Clarence Jones and Joel Engel. Clarence Jones was Dr. King’s personal lawyer and one of his closest advisers, a confidant and friend. After 40 years of silence, Jones shares what he believes based on their relationship, would be Dr. King’s position on various current issues confronting us over the past decade. Reading this book may reveal that some or many of our current day beliefs about Dr. King may not be consistent to what he stood for and eventually died for. I contend that should we determine Dr. King is worthy of honor, then we should honor Dr. King for whom he was and what he truly stood for. For example; do we believe Dr. King would still proclaim today we should judge each other on the content of character vs. the color of our skin? Do we honor those words today spoken by Dr. King 50 years ago? Thanks Martin!

The Scholarship Campaign   

Anne G. Broady SF   Goal:  $1,500.00    Actual: $1,000.00     Deadline: January 26, 2018

We are doing exceptionally well after one week of raising funds for the AGB Scholarships. To date, we have moved upward to 66% of our goal. If you have not yet made a donation, Jane studentsthen hopefully you will find the cause worthy. All sizes of donations are appreciated.

We reached our goal before the deadline last year and we are on pace to do so again. There are some really amazing “Friends” who support this. Thank you.

The ED Salary Support Campaign

ED Salary Support    Goal: $2,500.00       Actual: $700.00        Deadline: April 9, 2018

We are also showing good progress with the ED Salary support after the first week. We continue to encourage consideration for this specific area because we know having strong leadership guiding the team is the glue that keeps us moving successfully forward with our plans for 2018. The deadline we have set is longer and we are very optimistic.

Ana yancy
ED Ana Yancy with Daughter

As you know, this is the “only paid position” at the Copey Learning Center and money well spent. Our funds supplement about 50% of the total annual salary provided by the Learning Center’s Board of Directors for the ED position. Ana Yancy is entering her third year in this position.


Methods for Donating! 

Click on the link below for specific directions for donating. If you have questions, please feel free to contact me directly. Any amount donated is considered important and greatly appreciated by me and certainly by the moms and dads of some really neat kids.


If this is your first time experiencing our annual fundraising campaign, you can look back at the previous years during the January months for more information. And, the methods available for donating have remained the same as well.

Looking Ahead!

Not only are there two fundraising events underway, several other activities are in the making in support of the Copey Learning Center. Look forward to next week’s Post to see the news about a Utah Elementary School’s efforts to gather school supplies for the Learning Center. Also, soon I will recognize a very special “Friend” who is busy behind the scenes doing some very unusual work. And, I plan to share parts of the speeches two Copey Learning Center graduates gave during the 2017 Graduation we attended in November.

Dr. King said….”“If I cannot do great things, I can do small things in a great way.”

Stay Connected….! 2018 is Rolling!


Kick-Off 2018…!

 “Kick-Off” for the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Campaign

Originally, the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund (AGBSF) was the avenue for our family and close friends to honor the memory of my mother and her legacy for caring about others. It was October 2013 when “Friends” was first conceived. Later in December 2013 the first “Friends of Copey” Post went out to 17 family members and friends. On January 2, 2014, as Co-Chairs, Dr. Church and I officially announced the start-up campaign for the AGBSF.  Scholarship funds raised our first year was enough to support about 20 students.


Anne G. Broady

Today, the AGBSF continues with the same purpose although the majority of current supporters never knew Mom. The recent “Financial Scorecard” clearly shows the level of interest, the dedication, and financial support has remained steady and consistent. This year, the total number of AGBSF recipients supported since beginning in 2014 may reach 100.

Some donors have already started turning in their support for the AGBSF and we are close to 50% of our goal as we kick off this campaign. The campaign deadline is set to allow sufficient time to determine the scholarship recipients and have them confirmed and ready to start school on February 1, 2018.

Anne G. Broady SF      Goal:  $1,500.00    Actual: $700.00     Deadline: January 26, 2018

“Kick-Off” for the Executive Director Salary Support

In 2015, the Copey Learning Center ask “Friends” to partner with them to support the salary for an Executive Director (ED) for the Center. Prior to this, the Copey Learning Center depended solely on volunteers (mostly volunteer teachers from outside the country serving both short and long-term) as leaders of the Center. As a result, the future growth and continuation of the Learning Center was uncertain and failure was a strong concern.

Graduation 7 Ana Presentation
Ana Yancy receives “Distinguished Leadership Award”

“Friends” agreed to be a partner and raised funds to support the salary of a competent and experienced leader to manage the day-to-day operations and provide leadership in building the future of the Learning Center. Our financial support has been significant and successful. Angela was the first ED in 2015 and was followed by Ana Yancy in 2016. Ana Yancy is ready to start her third year as the ED with a wealth of experience to move the Learning Center forward as a strong and viable educational resource for the community and growing to surrounding areas. The fundraising goal represents an estimated 45-50% of the annual salary paid to the ED.

I strongly urge “Friends” to regard this support as essential as the scholarship funds. This is our “best” way to help protect the educational investments we are making with the AGBSF. The quality of education our scholarship recipients and the other students receive is determined by the availability and quality of the leadership responsible each day.

ED Salary Support    Goal: $2,500.00       Actual: $400.00        Deadline: April 9, 2018

Methods for Donating have not changed. See the following:


To make a donation in any amount you desire to the AGB Scholarship Fund or the ED Position or both…we have the same two methods of payment as in the previous years:

  1. The Learning Center’s PayPal can be used to make donations directly. Please access their PayPal system by clicking on…http://copeylearningcenter.org/. Locate the PayPal logo in the upper right hand corner of the homepage. To make certain the Learning Center recognizes your donation and how it should be applied, indicate in the comment section that the donation supports the “AGBSF” or the “EDF” (Executive Director Fund).
  2. The alternate method available is by sending your donation directly to me by check. MAKE the check out to me, Arthur T. Broady and not to “Friends of Copey”…PLEASE! There is no local “Friends of Copey” bank account. Once received, I will then deposit the funds into my account and pay the Learning Center directly using the same Learning Center PayPal system as in Method #1. Your name as the donor is entered and is designated where it is to be applied per your directions. The PayPal system will issue me a receipt which I then send to you as “proof” or “confirmation” the donation has been submitted to the Learning Center in your name. Send your check/donation to:

Arthur T. Broady, 725 N. Center Parkway, Apt. N-201, Kennewick, WA 99336   or                           Phone: 1-509-783-5897 if you have questions.

Closing Comments

In 2018 there are plans to continue doing what we seem to do best…”Be Friends!” I believe this is a very interesting time in our partnership history with the Learning Center. We all are more experienced and we have strengthened our partnership with the Learning Center having met the Learning Center Board of Trustees and the Copey community during our attendance at the 2017 graduation. Our hopes and expectations are greater than ever.

I know praying works! I know positive minded folks produce positive results. And, I know there is a supportive team of donors who support our financial needs when called upon. “Friends” is blessed with having many folks doing all three forms of support. I know this only works when all supporters work together…and proudly consider each one as “Friends”.  Thank You All!


“I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help. My help cometh from the Lord, which made heaven and earth.”  Psalms 121: verses 1 and 2.

I wish for all “Friends of Copey” the best year ever in 2018 for you and all your family. We are saying goodbye to a year that has provided many unforgettable memories related to the Copey Learning Center and we are ready and eager to head into 2018 with even greater expectations.

check markBoth the “Financial and Non-Financial Scorecards” have received very positive responses. We checked off a number of actions taken in 2017 and I thank those of you who have commented on the scorecards expressing support and your continuous encouragement. Overwhelmingly, the message in the scorecards provides a wide variety of evidence of our value to the Copey Learning Center.

Official Fundraising Campaigns Kick-Off Next Week

Next week, the work resumes in earnest with the official kick-off for our two annualJane with students fundraising efforts. The plan is to keep the goal for the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund set at $1,500 to support another 15 students. This will get us close to 100 students having received support since 2014.  Also, we plan to increase the goal for the Executive Director’s position to $2,500.00 from $2,000.00 last year. A more detailed explanation for the salary increase will be provided next week.

Several donations have already arrived and with more donations promised. This provides an excellent start on our campaign and we are eager to get moving. The scholarship donations have a shorter deadline. The Learning Center staff needs some time to identify recipients prior to school starting in early February.

The Year 2017

In my opinion, 2017 was an excellent year for us. Our fundraising efforts went much quicker and smoother. We experienced improvements in the “Pathway Project” including adding a reception and developing videos.   https://youtu.be/4VV6ZlYCPyE

There was an extraordinary increase of 23% in site visits on the Blog. Also, we enjoyed sharing Jane’s time as a volunteer in a unique way unlike we have done before. Of course, attending the 2017 Learning Center graduation was the “icing on the cake”.

In short, we excelled both financially and non-financially. These improvements were a result of looking at 2016 and determining how to be better in 2017. Now, 2017 has provided a wealth of ideas for improvements in 2018.

We did experience two heartbreaking events during the year. First, we grieved with the Church afterCopey community when their iconic church burned to the ground. And, more recently we experienced the sting of rejection when our partnership application for the new Learning Center was turned down. In both cases, let not our hearts be troubled because we see better days ahead!

 A Note of Sorrow!

Our prayers go out to the families of those who died in the airplane crash in Costa Rica yesterday. All were Americans except for the two flight crew members. This is a horrible beginning to a new year and we can only pray for the peace and comfort that can only come from one source…as spoken in Psalms 121.

I have flown on Nature Air airplanes in Costa Rica a few times and the experience seems a little more dicey than flying around the US commercially in small planes. It is certainly a tragedy and I ask all “Friends” to join me in extending our condolences.


2017 Non-Financial Scorecard…!

  1. This 2017 Non-Financial Scorecard is a long report. I apologize but I wanted the report to be complete and representative of the many ways “Friends of Copey” provides support with the services others willingly donate. We would not be a successful operation without people and partnerships working together to make a difference. I grow both amazed and humbled each time I look at the variety of ways we have supported this project. I hope you will take the time to read the report, appreciate what you have done…with prayers and that “can do attitude”. This is what the non-financial scorecard reflects.

The following is a partial list of the variety of non-financial ways we have successfully employed to support the general educational experiences in 2017.

Special Efforts and Events

  1. We led the year with the announcement that we would initiate the efforts to build a new Learning Center. We received quality drawings and designs for the new Learning Center which were donated by Larry Windes, of Larry Windes & Associates, Arq.Mariano Urena U.. Thanks Larry and Cindy!
  2. Efforts were taken to collect the information required for the preparation of the Building Goodness Foundation application, a Charlottesville, Virginia business we were hoping to be our building partners. This month we received notification that our application was rejected.  But, our efforts were not in vain. We will continue looking for ways to get the new Learning Center built.
  3. Plans and arrangements were made to implement “Pathway Project 2017”.
  4. “E&H College Friends” hosted the first “official” reception for the “Pathway Project 2017” students upon their arrival at the campus. Many faculty, staff, members of the Board of Trustees, other guests attended the affair. Thanks George and Celeste  (See Below)

2017 Ariana, Ana, and Fatima

There were also two very memorable YouTube videos developed reception 5documenting the “Pathway Project 2017”. Either version can be requested in case you have not seen them. This was a “major” accomplishment for us. Thanks Monica, Carol, and AJ.

Significant Partnerships

“Friends” depends on both individuals and organizations for support such as Kiwanis and my alma mater, Emory & Henry College.

  1. Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis provided exceptional quality accounting services for “Pathway Project 2017”. This is not at all insignificant and is very much appreciated knowing that we can provide complete and full accounting of all the funds received and used during this fairly complex project. Also, there are some really great supportive members I am fortunate to have on board praying and paying.
  2. Emory & Henry College provided extraordinary support as the host college for   EH college“Pathway Project 2017”. Often unnoticed is the part of the project that includes students from E&H College who travel to the Learning Center to be volunteers. Since 2016, three E&H College students have participated. Much of the attention is on the college’s support for the Learning Center
    Emory Group 2

    Ana, Angela, Ariana, and Fatima

    students visiting our campus. Staff and faculty spend their time exposing the students to a variety of activities they have not experienced before such as rock climbing and bowling. All this time is generously donated to help make the times memorable for the Learning Center guests. Thanks Ed and Monica!

  3. Elementary School(s) are vital partners. Establishing a meaningful and educational connection between USA school children and students at the Learning Center is an excellent way to enrich and enhance education…both directions. A few months ago we began working with an elementary school in Utah and will initiate Pen Pal related activities when the Learning Center reopens in 2018. Thanks Tamarie!
  4. Larry Windes of Larry Windes & Associates, Arq.Mariano Urena U. in Santa Maria, CR provided their support to help us design a new Learning Center. All of the work was donated. I mention this again because it is truly a very significant partnership since it represents the first support from the commercial or business sector and from within Costa Rica.
  5. Speaking of “significant partnerships”, I visited my dear friend Dr. Lin Church at his home in Raleigh, NC in June. He has been a solid and devoted partner since the beginning of “Friends of Copey” and has served as the co-Chair of the Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund since being established. Thanks Lin!
  6. Jane Rutledge donated so much to “Friends” and the entire community of Copey. She responded to our call for volunteer support and as a volunteer, she gave 100% plus to the people in Copey. Because of how she affected in a positive way the lives of many in Copey, she was a weekly feature in my Posts. Being a retired teacher, recent widow, mother and grandmother, and close friend to many, Jane took all of her talent and experience to Copey and left it all there. What she brought home in its place…”priceless”! This is the very essence of non-financial support. Thanks Jane!

Blog and Post Accomplishments for 2017

  1. Fifty-eight Posts were issued in 2017.
  2. The Blog experienced a 23% increase in viewership over 2016 compared to the  2% increase from 2015 to 2016. By year’s end, we will pass 4,000 views for the first time. Interest in “Friends” is growing. Stats2017
  3. Increased use of photos by 44% over prior years.
  4. “Comments” responding to Posts increased by 15% over 2016.
  5. The three “Most Viewed Posts”were As For me…Give Me Liberty! Posted on September 18, 2017. Then, So Much Wonder in Wonderful! was #2 Posted on February 20, 2017.  Finally, #3 was You Cause Ripples Posted on September 25, 2017.  
  6. “Friends” annually reaches others in far away countries. Some have suggested most of these stat-2-e1514397673685.jpgvisits to my Blog are visits by mistake/accident and I agree. However, there is the remote chance that one or more visitors just may be interested. Listed are the top ten countries where visits to my Blog originated in 2017. There are another 30 plus countries with less than 10 visits.

Personal Post Notes of Importance

  1. Posts in 2017 also covered friends and family who passed away. Curtis (Duck) Montgomery, Gail Rutledge, and my Katherine Johnson Movie shot (3)cousin “Yimmy” said goodbye to us.
  2. Other personal family related news highlighted two of my grandsons, Maliek and Mykel and their accomplishments.
  3. Let us not forget Aunt Katherine and “Hidden Figures”. I am so happy I had a Blog and a means of sharing with “Friends” our family’s pride and love for this lady. Now 99 years old and is still inspiring others to pursue their dreams.

Special Thanks

Be certain…non-financial support really means there are those who contribute their time and talent in ways that cannot be measured with dollars and cents. There is no way to pay or repay what the heart gives to another. Those with “hearts of servants” are very special. You know who you are. I have called you “Friends”, “Difference Makers”, and even “Possiblitarians”. I am grateful, thankful, and honored to share this journey with each of you.

Let’s Roll on to 2018!





2017 Financial Scorecard…!

This is another year of outstanding achievements recorded by us…”Friends of Copey”. This specific report highlights several of the key “financial goals” we set for 2017 and successfully met.

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund met its goal and provided financial support to as many as 18 deserving students needing tuition assistance. Since 2014, this fund has supported 80 plus students.  Goal $1,500.00 –  Actual $1,800.00

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund

Executive Director’s Position Fund met its commitment to supplement the salary of the Director, the only paid position at the Learning Center. This was our third year providing this essential support to keep competent leadership in place leading the operations of the Learning Center.  Goal $2,000.00  –  Actual $2,000.00

“Pathway Project 2017” was successfully funded.Campus
So far, four of the Learning Center’s best students have been rewarded for their academic success with a trip to the US to spend time at Emory & Henry College. In 2017, Ariana and Fatima with Executive Director, Ana Yancy (pictured) along with Angela traveled to E&H College.

Pathway Project Goal $3,500.00 to add to $2,198.00 carryover from 2016. The Total Goal – $5,698.00.  The total Actual Amount Raised – $5,263.00. The actual expenses totaled $5,397.35 which left a small shortage of $134.35. A late donation was received allowing this project to enjoy financially another successful year.

Miscellaneous Donations have been provided to the Learning Center by independent or non-solicited donors. Typically, these donations support the purchase of school supplies and materials.  Estimated at $700.00.

Spelling Bee Donations continued for the second year to provide some financial support for Mariana’s parent Lorena. Lorena travels to the National Spelling Bee contest with her daughter to provide support and adult supervision.  Goal $200.00  Actual $200.00       

Commentary on Results

Our involvement has proven to be the life-blood that is helping sustain this important mission. We have been consistent, reliable, and loyal to our commitment to help as long as possible and as long as they first help themselves to succeed. We are Learning Center partners and have witnessed the overwhelming results our efforts help support.

                Thank You “Friends”…!

There are many to thank for the financial success we enjoy each thank you .3year. Even though we are not established to be a major fundraising operation, we will make every effort to assist the community’s efforts to keep and maintain a viable educational program designed to help the Learning Center.

There are several “Friends” who stood extra tall this year as donors. Thank You”...Stephanie, Kay, Lin, Jones, Tim, Carolee, Martha, and especially George, Eric, and Lisa …and still many others. And, no one should be excluded. You all help make a huge difference in our Financial success of the Learning Center. In truth, there is no small donation…each one is priceless.

Next Report Coming Soon!

The next Post will cover many of our “non” Financial Goals and you may expect to see similar positive results. It is amazing to re-visit all of the many things that have been done outside of the financial arena. There is an Army of “Friends” who help this project in ways money cannot buy.  I will cover many of these in the next Post.