Endless Roads to Possibilities!

“I dwell in possibility.”      by Emily Dickinson

Time is very close for really great things to begin happening. In just days our Emory & Henry College (EH College) students will be on their way to Costa Rica. And, we are also busy raising needed funds to support the transportation of Copey Learning Center guests scheduled to arrive in the United States in June.

Last week you were introduced to Madeline Griffin, EH College student who is heading to Copey. This week, I introduce Megan Mitten,  also a second year student. She is from Northeastern Pennsylvania and is majoring in Music Education and Performance. Additionally, she is pursuing a Masters Degree in Education. Needless to say, Megan is a very active student involved in numerous on-campus activities.


Megan, Madeline, and prior EH College students who have traveled to Copey since 2016 took with them a skill or passion they shared with the Copey students. I expect Megan will be sharing music and other elements of the Arts with the students during her volunteer service in Copey.

Thanks to both Megan and Madeline for taking on this extremely interesting and challenging international education endeavor in support of the Pathway Project.

2019 Pathway Project

The Goal:  $6,500.00        Actual Income=$1,572.00          Deadline:  May 31, 2019

Our 2019 Pathway Project Fund Campaign is officially underway. Some donors have track pathway 2019reported their checks are in the mail but I am only reporting today what has actually been received to date. Today’s total $1,572.00 is at a very good place as we are only a few days into the campaign. Momentum is picking up.

Also, efforts are underway to get the best prices for airline tickets in hopes of  reducing the amount of funds needed for air transportation. Airfare typically uses approximately 60-70% of our funds in support of the Pathway Project. Directions for donating are provided below:

Seidy Rodriguez…A Model for the Good!

There are still a couple of loose ends on the travelers from Copey in June and we expect to have this all tamped down in time for next week’s Post. As of today, Seidy Rodriguez, Founder of the Copey Learning Center, Seidy Rodriguezis planning to travel with the students this June.

I cannot impress on “Friends” enough how special it will be to have Seidy with us at EH College and to learn first-hand how she reached the decision to establish the Copey Learning Center. This is a decision that not only has served to transform the lives of kids but also an entire community.

I continue to invite all “Friends” residing in the southwest Virginia area to make plans to join us on June 14. Stay connected for ongoing information about this special visit.

2019 Pathway Project Donation Guidelines

Make your donation by preparing your check to TCI-Kiwanis Foundation and include in the memo section: “Pathway Proj.FOC”. Then, please mail the check to the address below not later than May 31, 2019.

guidelines for Pathway

Please do not make the check to “Friends of Copey” or to me.  And please do not submit directly to the CLC PayPal. All funds MUST go into the TCI Kiwanis Foundation account to be recorded. TCI Kiwanis Foundation receives/pays and audits all the income and expenses. The account is managed by the TCI Kiwanis Club Foundation’s Treasurer, Ms. Julie Meek. The Foundation has 501c3 status and each donor will receive a confirmation letter and tax verification. Thanks in Advance!





Be a Model …For the Good!

“I think leadership is service and there is power in that giving: to help people, to inspire and motivate them to reach their fullest potential.”                                                                                 by Denise Morrison

Get Ready…Get Set…Go!

The “2019 Pathway Project” actually begins in a couple of weeks when two Emory & Henry College (EHC) students travel to Copey to spend about 5 weeks volunteering as teachers at the Copey Learning Center. Both Madeline Griffin and Megan Mitten will join the list of five EHC students who have previously volunteered at the Copey Learning Center since 2016. As with the previous students, Madeline and Megan are extraordinary students devoted to “making a difference”.


Madeline Griffin

This week, I am introducing you to Madeline Griffin. She is from Knoxville and in her second year with a double major in International Studies and Spanish. She is in the Honors Program and active in the choir, a peer mentor, and involved in the college’s outdoor program. Madeline even works as a student at the McGlothlin Center of the Arts. Additional information will follow as we track Madeline during her time in Copey.

Next week, I will provide similar information about Megan, our second EHC student who is also packing her bags for Copey.

One of the “2018 Pathway Project” volunteer students from EHC wasemory 43 a key presenter on campus last week. Kara Stewart, (pictured on the far left) provided an excellent accounting of her volunteer experience in Copey.

I am trying to get a copy of Kara’s presentation to share with “Friends”.  Stand By!

Kara has reported plans to travel to Ireland this summer to participate in another international study opportunity. She was part of the host brigade during the Copey students’ visit to EHC last June.

2019 Pathway Project

The Goal  $6,500.00         Actual Income=$1,472.00        Deadline:  May 31st, 2019

Officially on May 1, 2019 we will initiate our fourth year for raising travel funds for the Copey Learning Center students and adult chaperones traveling to America. Our guests (students and chaperones) will travel from Costa Rica to Washington, DC on June 10th. Then, on June 12th they will travel to E&H College for the balance of their two-week stay which will include attendance at the annual Young Scholars and Leadership Program held on campus.

Nearly two-thirds of the funds alone will cover ground and air travel expenses for four guests. Other costs include hotel expenses, meals, and some incidental costs. Each week during the campaign, Pathway 2019.1updates on our progress towards our goal will be provided. Any excess funds will be carried over to next year. Fortunately, we carried over $272.00 from 2018 and have received early donations bringing our total to $1,472.00 to help kick off our 2019 campaign.

Again, I invite “Friends” from all over the country to support this outstanding partnership effort being undertaken by EH College, the Copey Learning Center and the Copey community, Kiwanis of Tri-Cities Industry in Washington state, and of course “Friends of Copey”.

I am issuing a very special invitation to my “Friends” with EH College affiliation or connections. For those of us with the EH College connection/graduates, this is such a unique opportunity to help students in ways many of us were helped years ago by those concerned enough about our education. Should you feel moved to financially support this project, below are the guidelines to follow:

Make your donation by preparing your check to TCI-Kiwanis Foundation and include in the memo section: “Pathway Proj.FOC”. Then, please mail the check to the address below not later than May 31, 2019.

guidelines for Pathway

Please do not make the check to “Friends of Copey” or to me.  And please do not submit directly to the CLC PayPal. All funds MUST go into the TCI Kiwanis Foundation account to be recorded. TCI Kiwanis Foundation receives/pays and audits all the income and expenses. The account is managed by the TCI Kiwanis Club Foundation’s Treasurer, Ms. Julie Meek. The Foundation has 501c3 status and each donor will receive a confirmation letter and tax verification. Thanks in Advance!

A special “Friends Reception” near the EHC campus is planned for June 14th. All “Friends” are invited to join us, meet our guests, learn about Copey, and enjoy some great food and drink. Mark your calendar and help welcome these guests to EHC.

“All Praises Be To Thee…”

“In my writing, as much as I could, I tried to find the good, and praise it.”                                          By Alex Haley

Happy Easter and Holy Week!

It was decided to take a week off since the Copey Learning Center was on vacation in recognition of their version of Easter Week…! Also, it was an extremely busy week for me being involved in other projects I am engaged in.

2019 Pathway Project

Back to business today and we are now on the front end of the next major events planned for both May and June. zzzEmory image 5

First, in a couple of weeks there will be two more Emory & Henry students heading to Copey. These two students will follow the previous five students who began volunteering in Copey in 2016 when we began the “Pathway Project”. I plan to share more information about our current students in upcoming Posts.

Also, we continue to work out the issues with our Copey students heading to America in June. Getting visas approved for students has become a little more complicated than in the past. We hope to have this all resolved very soon. Next week, we will kick off the annual “2019 Pathway Project” fundraising effort needed to cover the travel expenses for the Copey students and chaperones.

“The Quido A. & Elizabeth H. Binda Foundation Grant” Delivered…!

We are again thankful and appreciative for the recent grant funds provided by the Binda zzzKiwanisFoundation from Battle Creek, Michigan. Also, we thank the Tri-City Kiwanis Club for their support. The funds have been received and passed on to the Copey Learning Center. Next week, we expect to learn more about the students who will be awarded scholarships made possible by this grant.

Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund Recipients for 2019

We are continuing to highlight  the scholarship recipients to show all “Friends” the results of the AGB Scholarship Fund support we receive. There are eighteen recipients total.    Recipient AGB.2Recipient AGB

The grant from the Binda Foundation will add another five recipients to Copey Learning Center rolls very soon. Needless to say…the more students attending the Copey Learning Center…the better. 


Video Production…!

Recently, the Copey Learning Center received their final copy of the YouTube video about the work at the Copey Learning Center. This video is mostly in Spanish and will not be a problem for the “Friends” fluent in Spanish. However, for others it will be a challenge.

We have three students featured in this video who have been past “Pathway Project” recipients. Celeste, Ariana, and Brian all have been to America with your help. Mariana, also featured, is one of the “2019 Pathway Project” students scheduled to travel in June. Seidy is the founder of the Copey Learning Center and also scheduled to travel to America in June. We plan to show this video during the planned reception when we host the Copey students and chaperones. Plan to join us in southwest Virginia on June 14, 2019.


“Spark a Chain Reaction…!”

“A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst and it sparks extraordinary results.”                                                        By Wade Boggs

Good News Breaking…!

Recently, due to a wonderful friend connection, we received an invitation to apply for a grant to use for additional scholarships at the Copey Learning Center. This invitation required Kiwanis and “Friends of Copey” to work as partners. The grant was approved and an additional $500.00 will be donated to the Copey Learning Center with the official donor…“The Quido A. and Elizabeth H. Binda Foundation” based in Battle Creek, Michigan.Partnership.2

We continue to demonstrate how significant partnerships can be if we want to accomplish important goals. Working successfully together produces consistent benefits to the students in Copey. We will keep you informed on the results of these additional funds providing more students opportunities to enroll into the Copey Learning Center.

More Anne G. Broady Scholarship Recipients!

During the 2019 Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund campaign, we continued to see positive responses in support of this part of our effort. The average size of the donation in 2019 was $164.00 spread among 11 donors. Of course the average changes each year as well as the names and number of donors. There are donors who contribute each year and there are other donors who are first-time contributors. All donors are welcomed…all are appreciated!  Recipient.3

Therefore, sharing these photos with all “Friends” is truly a meaningful gesture to demonstrate what can be done outside the lines when “Friends” and partners work together.

It it important to note that this 2019 campaign is our sixth campaign and we have met or exceeded our goal every year.


Our support has provided more than 100 scholarships over the six years and we know “what we do as “Friends” has a real impact on the lives of Copey kids today…and has a potentially enormous impact on the future lives of these kids!”Recipient.4


Dayana Rivera Serrano (shown left) is one of the two Copey Learning Center students scheduled to participate in the 2019 Pathway Project. We are looking forward to Dayana traveling to America and spending a couple of weeks with us.

We are gearing up to lauch the 2019 Pathway Project and foresee this year being the very best of all so far. We are expecting the “Founder’ of the Copey Learning Center, Seidy Ridriquez, to be among the visiting guests and we also understand there will be a recently produced video focused totally on the history and success of the Copey Learning Center. This will be one of the featured presentations during the annual “Reception” scheduled for June 14. All “Friends” in the southwest Virginia area are called on to attend. You alone can cause a “chain reaction”!



Joyful Hearts….!

“I cannot even imagine where I would be today were it not for that handful of friends who have given me a heart full of joy. Let’s face it, friends make life a lot more fun.”                   By Charles R. Swindoll.

Early Post News!

This is an early edition of this week’s Post. I will not be available to issue my Post tomorrow, my normal Post day. On Tuesday I am flying back to the west. And, Wednesday will be an impossible busy first day back home.

This is short. ThePamela.recipient Copey Learning Center staff has taken time to prepare and send photos of each of the 18 Anne G. Broady Scholarship Fund recipients.  I do not want to wait to share these with you.                                Pamela.recipient

These photos demonstrate our presence and commitment to the Copey community. Parents in Copey are fully aware how important the scholarship funds are. Their sons and daughters have the same opportunity to learn English as others. And, as “Friends of Copey”, you can see the faces, the smiles, and the looks of hope you help produce for these scholarship recipients. More photos will be shared soon. You make this happen.Kenneth.recipient

“2019 Pathway Project”

I am also happy to announce my Emory & Henry College (EH) supporters continue to show their interest in the upcoming “Pathway Project” scheduled in June. I had conversations with several annual EH donors who conveyed their continuous support and their excitement for the return of Copey students. I did not have a chance to meet the two EH students preparing to go to Copey in May. But, I am informed they are very excited and are going to do well.

In the next couple of weeks, I will start focusing on both our EH students leaving for Copey and the students scheduled to travel to America.








It Is Looking Sunny…!

“Friends”, I am happy to report that I am now located in east Tennessee and southwest Virginia. I am here for my college board of trustees meeting this week and visiting family.

Yes, this is a late Post. My schedule to get important things done was completely filled before leaving home. Then, once I arrived in east Tennessee and joined up with my grandkids, I was off to “Dollywood” for a full day of fun…full day. This is “Spring Break” week and you can imagine the rest.

Copey Learning Center News…

The news in Copey is positive. Andrea, the Director is doing well after her surgery a couple of weeks ago. We continue to wish her a full recovery and soon return to the Copey Learning Center. Ana Yancy’s sister, Marta is home from the hospital and the challenges she was having with cancer seem to be resolved. The foursome planning to travel to the USA in June are getting things in line with passports, visas, and other matters.  “Things are really looking sunny!”

Oh yes, we understand at this time, Seidy Rodriquez plans to be one of the adult chaperones. A reminder! Seidy is the “Founder” of the Copey Learning Center and none of this would have ever come to be without Seidy’s vision for something better for her community.

Volunteers Are Special…

This week is a good time to share some information about our two very experienced volunteer teachers. Having seen their resumes, I am very impressed with their work and life experiences.

Lizeth Vallarta was born and raised in southern California. She learned to speak SpanishCLC Volunteers from her Mexican parents. She graduated from the University of California of Riverside with a BS degree in Mathematics. She has volunteered in under served communities such as Tijuana and El Hongo, Mexico. While in El Hongo, she supported a non-profit organization, Flying Samaritans. Flying Samaritans provides free medical services to the community on a monthly basis to an under served community where they do not have medical services.

Teaching abroad for Lizeth has been a dream come true. She enjoys traveling, teaching, and “making a difference” in lives of others.

Bob Whitten is from a small village called Studham in the south of England. He was aCLC Volunteers.1 teacher in the middle school in a village in the UK. He taught in Italy, then taught in China for ten years, and then moved on to teach in Taiwan. He can speak Spanish, Italian, and Chinese.

Bob has many interests including hiking, reading, music, photography, and oil painting animals and landscapes. He has also enjoyed success selling his paintings. He always wanted to visit Costa Rica and enjoy the very beautiful area with lots of nature. Bob also wanted to do volunteer work and help people learn English. He is another “difference maker”.

“Friends of Copey” welcomes both Lizeth and Bob. My desire to share these special volunteers with you is because I want to point out how fortunate these Copey students are to continuously have teachers who come to them from all over with a wide range of experience, knowledge, and talent. Surely, the students learn English but they learn much more than just English. They are exposed to life’s experiences from those teaching, learn about new cultures, and learn about different interests such as oil paintings, crochet, and ballet? Remember ballet???

When we support the Copey Learning Center, we help keep the Center open to these rich opportunities to learn from Lizeth and Bob.

Thank you All!!!






Learning…Is The Awakener!

“There are few things more dishonorable than misleading the young.”                                                                       By Thomas Sowell

Sunshine and Blue Skies…! That is enough said about my weather.

Last Week’s Reminder – The Utah Team

I enjoyed hearing from Tamarie this week. It is still so awesome to think a short conversation with Tamarie Tamarie.1on the flight to Atlanta in 2017 about Aunt Katherine and then “Friends of Copey”, started an avalanche of generosity and kindness benefitting so many at the Copey Learning Center and the two Copey public schools. Here are Tamarie’s recent words being shared: 

“Copey will always hold a special place in our hearts.  Thank you for the wonderful❤️ opportunity! We will always cherish the memories made and the wonderful friends we made while visiting Copey.”

Be assured Tamarie…you and the other three travelers will long be remembered for being such examples of people who actively care!

Not so great news…

Jim (James) Johnson, husband of Aunt Katherine Johnson passed away last week. You will recall Mahershala Ali, two-time Academy Award winner, played the role of LTC Jim Johnson in the movie Hidden Figures. Jim was a man of great integrity, a perfect role model for the younger generation, and a wonderful husband to Katherine and step father to her daughters. He was a special friend to all of us.

I  believe part of the success of “Hidden Figures” can be attributed to the near perfect way Mahershala Ali captured the heart and soul in his portrayal of Jim Johnson. As such, on the big screen the world became familiar with Aunt Katherine, and the world also became acquainted with Jim.

“Legacy and Heritage!”

Delta Sigma 4

A special congratulations to the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority for its 106 years of history. The local Columbia Basin Alumnae Chapter did an outstanding job hosting this year’s Pacific Northwest Founders Day celebration.

The local chapter has actively supported “Friends of Copey” with donations for scholarships for several years. We are proud to have them include us as one of the Sorority’s international projects. Wishing the Delta’s another 106 years of continued success.

New Volunteer Teachers Go To Work!

CLC VolunteersI spoke via Skype with both current volunteers who are busy at the Copey Learning Center. I am typically impressed with the dedication and commitment such volunteers bring to Copey. These two volunteers are also impressive.

“Friends of Copey” officially welcomes both Lizeth and Bob to the Copey Learning Center. I have requested information from both volunteers and plan to share some of their service background with you soon.    CLC Volunteers.2.

These volunteers are just special people. I have full respect for those who spend time in an unfamiliar place for the single purpose of helping others…making a difference.  And, these volunteers are sharing part of their knowledge, expertise, and experience with others in similar fashion to sharing a drink of water or a portion of your meal with someone in need.

Well Wishes and Speedy Recovery!

Andrea Serrano Cortés, The Copey Learning Center’s Director, is scheduled to undergo surgery today in San Jose, Costa Rica. According to my information, she is having painful gall stones removed. We wish her well and a soon return to the business at the Center. Ana Yancy will hold things together during Andrea’s absence.