What Is In It For Them?

Successful people are always looking for opportunities to help others. Unsuccessful people are always asking, ‘What’s in it for me?’   By Brian Tracy

Tara Fick…Getting Ready!

We are working thru this current and final semester for this year. This means keeping the wheels in motion. We commend Ari for keeping the English educational process going for the local students enrolled in the Copey Learning Center. This is not an easy challenge to manage in the absence of a full time volunteer to support the program.

Much of our focus is preparing for the best start possible when the new semester begins in March 2024. Tara Fick has indicated her commitment to cover all three semesters in 2024. She hails from Canada and is soon to retire as a Senior Projects Technologist from the City of Barrie, Canada.

In preparation for life after retirement, Tara has taken numerous courses studying languages and cultures along with student instruction. She is well prepared to dive into the challenges of teaching on site in the remote location of Copey, Costa Rica.

Tara has been in touch with Anne (Lawrence) Beaudoin and Jane Rutledge. Both are amazing resources available to Tara. Both Anne and Jane are deeply familiar with the Copey Learning Center and the community having been past volunteers at the Learning Center.  There is time for getting things in place for the next semester and we look forward with great optimism.

Another Goodbye to a Dear Friend…!

One area of volunteerism I enjoy is supporting a local program service involving volunteers reading the local daily news over the radio to the Blind and Vision Impaired members of our community. Since 2014, Dianna Propson and I have worked closely as radio broadcasters reading the news early Tuesday mornings each week.

Dianna was diagnosed with cancer several years ago and with experimental drug therapy, she extended her life.

It saddens me to report that on October 11 she passed away. I admired her willingness to give her time and talent to others as long as possible. Her entire adult life was one of giving to others.

We spent several years together reading the news at 6:30am. Listeners heard the local news and often our personal commentary on topics such as the pandemic, politics, crime, and the rest. While doing so, we became aware of each other’s values and principles and grew to know each other’s heart. She was an inspiration to many and will be missed.

Update on Robert Barnard…!

Long time followers know my friend Bob! I reported earlier in September of his illness that caused him to leave Jaco, Costa Rica. His need for serious medical attention resulted in his return home to Washington state.

Hands and Hearts Working Together..!

It’s great to report that Bob has improved significantly and is now planning to return to Jaco in early November to resume his residency. He has come a long ways medically speaking since he became seriously ill.

We wish him well and hope his medical issues are all or mostly resolved. He enjoys being in Costa Rica and appears to be happiest in the beach town mixed with native Costa Ricans and American transplants.

Retrospection and Introspection…!

Thanks to all “Friends of Copey” who continue to be interested and supportive. Our love and commitment to this project are as strong today as they were ten years ago.

I feel we are in a “reset” phase and this includes some retrospection and introspection. We have many experiences that have provided us wonderful insights on how to be effective partners and supporters with the Copey Learning Center.




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  1. Thanks for the introduction on your page, Arthur! I’m very excited and have stayed in touch with Ari. I’m planning to be in Copey a week ahead of the first day of classes in 2024!

  2. I look forward to seeing what results from the reset phase for Friends of Copey. Wow! Reading the news on the radio at 6:30 in the morning certainly was commendable. I’m sorry to read your fellow volunteer is no longer with us, but glad to see your other friend is doing well enough to return to Costa Rica.

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