Service and Sacrifice…!

“Our lives of service and sacrifice are the most appropriate expressions of our commitment to serve the Master and our fellowmen.” ~ Dallin H. Oaks

Continued Call for Help!

The call for help issued about twenty days ago did result in interested inquiries. We became acquainted with one potential candidate as we came very close to obtaining her as an on site volunteer. However, this has not worked out. At the last minute India Watkins had to change her decision but not before we found her to be a wonderful person with a background very noteworthy and consistent with so many “Friends of Copey.”   

India is originally from Southside, Virginia where her family’s history extends back for several centuries. She has lived in the remote mountainous community in Shady Valley, Tennessee for 30 years and now lives in Dublin, Virginia. Her passion appears to be art including extensive involvement with community services meeting human needs such as food and housing for those living in poverty.  

We are disappointed India’s volunteer assignment did not work out. It is a major challenge for most people to quickly pick up and move to another country to spend 90 plus days as a volunteer. We hope we can continue working with India to find ways for her to support this project as it has become a joy to find another friend with the “heart of a servant.” 

The call for help continues and we are eager to see who steps up!

The Copey Learning Center…Is at Work!

We all want to return to a more normal educational operation at the Copey Learning Center. This is difficult at this time. There are challenges finding a volunteer teacher for this final semester. That does not mean we are defeated. We have the center’s leader Ariana conducting several classes and the center is managing on a much smaller scale at the present time. Given the schedule and circumstances, the center may need to function in this manner thru the balance of the semester ending in November.

The proverbial net is being thrown out to capture the attention of interested candidates who may be available now or even available in late February or March next year. We have enjoyed having excellent success in the past with recruiting outstanding volunteers. I consider this particular cycle “just one of those things” that can happen to you if you are in the business long enough. 

My Kiwanis Presentation…Delayed!

Due to some local scheduling issues, I have a new date to provide my annual “Friends of Copey” Report to my local Kiwanis Club. The new date is September 1st and I am eager and excited. My plan is to involve via Zoom a few “friends” who have helped make the past year absolutely fantastic.

The 20 minute presentation will hit the major highlights covering the prior 12 months and will include the video shown during the 10th Annual Reunion in June. If possible, I will try to work out the Club’s Zoom meeting arrangements so it can be attended by “friends” outside the Club. 


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  1. I was so hopeful India could go to Copey! But I do think it would still be a wonderful thing for her to do some online teaching – if that can be worked out!!

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