More Celebration…!

“Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon… must inevitably come to pass!”   By Paul J. Meyer

More Celebration to Share…!

We have added more photos and a special 10th Anniversary radio interview segment to listen to. Possibly, some “Friends” have not heard much about the start up of “Friends of Copey” and others may have forgotten. The interview will help inform or remind you. The additional photos are great and shows the wide range of experiences our Copey students enjoyed. So, click on the box below and sit back for a few minutes. You can also access this by going to the “Quick Links” and look for the same title.

If you have trouble accessing the link below, please report this to me. A couple “Friends” did report some difficulty with the previous Post link. 

Friends of Copey – Tenth Anniversary Part II (June 2023)

The Pathway Project Pays Its Bills…!

I just stand in awe at the way things happen with this project. There is the “human” side and there is the “financial” side. Both sides are fully dependent on one another.

It is a wonderful feeling to report that sufficient funds were raised to cover all our expenses for the 2023 Pathway Project. The generosity of “Friends” is unquestionable as we covered some costs with extra donations from earlier in the year. “Friends” covered the balance of the expenses with large and small donations received during this fundraising period.

A simple summary of the accounting is as follows:

Total Friends and Copey Learning Center Costs


Total Friends and Copey Learning Center Revenue 


Total Friends of Copey Expenses Only


Total Friends of Copey Revenue Only



The total cost of 2023 Pathway Project was $4,693.00 and total donations $4,750.00. 

The average cost was $1,565.00 per person (3) covering airfare, local ground transportation, two days in Washington, D.C., eight days in Virginia, meals, and a variety of educational and recreational activities.

“Friends” donated via the Kiwanis Foundation a totaled of $3,550.00 and covered the expenses totaling $3,493.00. We are extremely grateful to all for the enthusiasm and generosity demonstrated. 


The Copey Learning Center is actively recruiting a volunteer teacher to cover the final semester for the year. I know many “Friends” are retired teachers and still have the urge to educate. Also, there are new teachers wanting to add to their experience a short term international education assignment.

Copey is a great place to experience teaching in an environment of community love and support. There has never been one teacher to my knowledge who has not fully enjoyed the experience of teaching in Copey. There are several past teachers who can provide very detailed info if anyone is interested.

This is urgent as time is getting close to the scheduled start date in August. Please contact me or visit the Copey Learning Center Facebook page.     

We can really make a difference!

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  1. I can’t serve as a teacher there but I hope someone takes this volunteer opportunity! I highly recommend a stay in Copey with the wonderful people there. I was only there for 3 days but they made me feel like I belonged there!

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