This is Still My Country

“I would like to be remembered as a person who wanted to be free… so other people would be also free.”           By Rosa Parks

Pathway Project Ends!

The Copey students and Chaperone returned home to Costa Rica safe and sound. This was an amazing journey. A journey that was full of so much joy. (Fabiana left)


“Friends of Copey”, Emory & Henry College friends, Tri-Cities Industry Kiwanis, and others all contributed in so (Anyela right) many ways and my personal thanks and gratitude is shared with everyone.

We made our financial goal and the project’s expenses are all covered. The donations and the amazing volunteer hours received this year will be remembered as a huge success. We returned from the days of Covid-19 in grand fashion.

In the next few days, a new Post will be issued with only photos collected over the time of the project.

Happy 4th Of July…!

Happy “Independence Day”. The flags are flying and the patriotic messages are being heard in the distance. It is a time of country honor and pride.

I am a proud American on “Independence Day”. I am also proud the days before and the days that follow. I am not always proud of what we are and do as a country. Overall, we are a country of differences, people, ideas, and dreams. Things that only a free country can offer and provide. We are a country of freedom that provides us all opportunities to be different and be better….and to do better.

It is our freedom that allows us to be different and allows us to have our individual opinions, change our opinions, and even defend our opinions. But ultimately, it is our freedoms that bond us closer to one another…not our agreements or disagreements. Give up that freedom to be different, then we give up being free.

Happy 4th! my friends!



3 thoughts on “This is Still My Country”

  1. You always have such a way with words, Scrapper, and thank you for sharing your wisdom with all of the “friends.” We continue to celebrate our freedom, and your Rosa Parks quote is perfect. Thank you!

    1. Ed,

      This is the last comment from you I see. I just received one from Roanoke, VA that seemed okay. Try once more if you will or wait until a new Post is issued. I will keep a watch for trouble.

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